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Perth and Fremantle’s Trusted Counselling and Mediation Services

A Resolution provides counselling, psychology and mediation services available throughout Perth and Fremantle. Our mediators assist individuals and groups reconnect, reach resolution and improve their relationships at home or at work.

What our mediators and counsellors can do for you

Our primary purpose is to engage resolution; to help individuals and businesses with their ongoing relationships.
We help people achieve clarity, reconnect with their motivation and implement reliable strategies to aid them in achieving their resolution.
As counsellors, psychologists and mediators, we aim to help you improve your life, work and relationships through relationship counselling and coaching.

Perth and Fremantle counsellors to improve your life and relationships

We can help enhance your relationships through our counselling appointments, whether for individuals, relationships, couples, families and or marriage, with our psychologist, mediators or counsellor within the Perth area.
We offer depression counselling, separation counselling, anxiety counselling and anger management just to name a few services. Whatever individual struggles you may be experiencing, it is our goal to help you overcome these obstacles and improve your quality of life.

Family mediation

We can guide you through the separation process and family court with family mediation otherwise known as family dispute resolution. We have a child psychologist that can also offer child inclusive mediation and child focused sessions to complement the process. Our psychologist can provide psychological reports for court.

Improve your workplace with the help of a mediator

Often clients come looking for workplace mediation or workplace investigations but our human resources consulting services are much broader than that. We can help work out a strategy to improve your organisational culture through workshops and leadership coaching. Our workplace mediation and employee investigation services can also help identify any instances of discrimination or bullying and help to establish a mutually beneficial resolution that contributes to an overall more positive work environment.

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If you had any queries regarding our services available in Perth and Fremantle, please don’t hesitate to call us today on 1300 273 765. We’re always happy to explain our process, whether for bullying investigations, discrimination, dispute resolution or any of our other dedicated services.
Take your first step towards achieving your resolution.


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