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Heidi Smith (MAPS) B.Psych, M.Psych, Dip. Counselling, Cert IV Training and Assessment.


Principal Psychologist

Australian Psychology SocietyHeidi has qualifications and experience in Psychology, Counselling and Organisational psychology. To the workplace she brings her understanding of conflict and relationships to people management strategies, organisational development and coaching.  As a psychologist Heidi’s focus is to help people manage mental health issues in the context of work or their relationships. In relationship counselling she brings her understanding of conflict dynamics and communication skills training to her work.

Heidi prefers a systematic, evidence based approach to her work as a consultant, facilitator or counsellor/coach.
Heidi is a nationally accredited Psychologist with a Masters in Psychology, advanced training in mediation, a Diploma of Counselling and experience as a supervisor of budding psychologists. Heidi loves helping individuals and professionals to better resolve conflict.

Key services provided by Heidi are psychological services, counselling, relationship counselling, workplace investigations, leadership and organisational development.



Alexandra King-Jones

Alexandra - Family Mediator
Principal Mediator 

Dispute Resolution Institute


Alexandra is a specialised family dispute resolution practitioner and mediator. Over her many years in private and government practice she has assisted hundreds of families through the mediation process.

Alexandra’s background in psychology and law helps her support families with complex family matters and inter-personal issues.

Alexandra is registered with the Attorney Generals Department and as Child Consultant. Her work as a child consultant has enabled her to work with children going through family separation and give them a voice.

As a Family Mediator at A resolution, Alexandra’s philosophy is to help people understand how things can be different and improve their parenting relationship.

Alexandra’s key services are parenting matters, property/financial matters, child consultancy and workplace matters.


terryDr Terry Olesen is a Senior Psychologist at Aresolution.

Terry is based in our Applecross office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and brings over 16 years experience providing expertise to adolescents, individuals, families and couples in private practice and government settings.

Terry works with a range of issues including Relationship Counselling, Mood Disorders, Aging, Pain Management, Critical Incident, Interpersonal Conflict, Family Discord/Conflict, Personal Adjustment, Drug & Alcohol, Workplace Conflict, Gender Identity and Career Choice.

Terry is a Canadian born Australian, who acquired his clinical practice training via San Francisco State University (BA), the Claremont Graduate University (MA 1981), and Edith Cowan University (PhD, 2012). Terry is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) the national body for psychologists and is registered to practice through the national Australian Psychology Board.

Primary models of therapy include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Psychodynamic, Exposure, and Choice Theory to address, mitigate or resolve issues.

Terry has worked as a School Psychologist at Perth’s leading Catholic schools. Major issues he has experience with include peer group adjustment, bullying/victimhood, reading/learning difficulties, student performance, classroom misbehaviour, and screening for mental health (both positive and negative).

Terry has worked as psychologist leading groups in Anxiety, Anger Management and Depression for Anglicare WA.

  • Registered Psychologist in W.A. since 1999
  • Former School Psychologist
  • Training in systemic family therapy, ACT/CBT, and other modalities
  • Professional Development via Aus. Psychological Society (14 years)
  • Evidence Based Training (Ph.D., Psychology, ECU, 2005-2012)