Charming Corporate Snakes GMA Twilight drinks with Heidi Smith

GMA Twilight Drinks – “Charming Corporate Snakes” with Heidi Smith 

Friday 10th May 2013
5.30pm – 7pm
University Club of Western Australia
$10 members/$20 non-members (tickets at the door)

Heidi Smith is an organisational psychologist registrar and conflict management specialist with a dynamic breadth of conflict resolution expertise. Climbing the corporate world can be like playing a game of snakes and ladders; the roll of a dice can have you climbing heights but a turn of bad luck will see you on a downward trajectory. Using insights from social psychology research and the perspectives of individual and organizational conflict resolution, Heidi’s charming presentation will give you the resolution you need to see your game through.

More information is found in the attached flyer GMA Twilight Drinks with Heidi Smith

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