Conflict resolution workshops

Conflict resolution workshopsWe have a number of workshops designed to help your staff manage conflict and restore harmony in your workplace. All training is fully customisable to your workplace and available in 2hr, 4hr and up to 5 day modules. Contact us for a comprehensive quote and course overview here.

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Dealing with toxic co-workers

Eighty percent of co-workers report that a single co-worker contributed significant stress to their workday. Difficult co-workers are everywhere, no matter what industry, how big or small the organization, or the company’s culture. This workshop reviews the most common toxic co-workers and difficult managers and provides strategies for surviving with them. We pinpoint a variety of personality traits, disorders and behaviours, showing how they come about and offering effective strategies for coping with them. We cover the range of familiar types, from , histrionics, and sociopaths to narcissists and provide concrete techniques for surviving them.  

Mediation & Conflict Resolution Training (in-house training only)

This experiential 3 day program will assist professionals to explore and develop the essential principles and process of mediation. We overview conflict resolution skills and the Lawrence Boulle mediation model (one of the most effective mediation models available). Professionals will have the opportunity to participate in a number of simulated role plays. The skills built by this course can be utilised in many different areas of conflict e.g., workplace, interpersonal and client work.

Mediation & Conflict Coaching 

This experiential 3-day program provides an essential combination of mediation and conflict coaching skills to build professionals conflict resolution skills to assist resolution between two parties and work one-on-one with clients to help them resolve conflict and/or build their conflict resolution skills.

Dealing with toxic personalities in litigation & mediation

Difficult clients present with a host of issues for mediaiton and legal professionals including but not limited to: preoccupation with their own issues, chronic adversarial or blaming behaviour and difficult relationships We identify the dynamics of 4 types of difficult personalities (Narcissistic, Histrionic, Anti-social & Histrionic) that appear in litigation and develop key skills for handling them.

Mediating Personality: MBTI and Conflict Resolution/Mediation

Personality influences the way we view conflict, the source of conflict, the way we express ourselves in conflictand even how we attempt to resolve conflict as a participant or a mediator. Enrol in the “Mediating Personality” workship for strategies to mediate these personality differences in conflict.