Counselling aims to create a safe and nurturing environment to you to overcome life’s challenges and help you to achieve a purposeful and positive outcome. Counselling can help you to improve your life and relationships.

Our psychologists can help you manage issues such as depression, anger, fear, alcohol or drugs, anxiety, personality disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder in the context of their relationship, family or business so if you are worried that your mental health or that of your loved one is affecting your life then you have come to the right place.

A resolution provides Psychology Services, Relationship Counselling Services and Couple Therapy Retreats in Perth and Surrounds.

Professional Marriage and Relationship Counselling in Perth, WA

Allow us to help you get back on track.   RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLING SUITABLE FOR COUPLES AT ALL STAGES OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITHIN PERTH AND APPLECROSS.   We know that relationships can be both rewarding and challenging at times and aim to help you and your partner resolve any difficulties you are currently facing and prepare […]

FAQ I Couple Counselling

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Counselling Is the session about individual counselling or relationship counselling? We believe that relationships require work on both the couple and the individual. Often individuals bring their own stuff to a relationship but relationships can develop dynamics on their own. We believe in a therapy approach that balances both […]

Counselling Resources

Welcome! Below is a selection of resources that we make available to our clients throughout the sessions. Please select those which were referred to your or interest you, discuss your choices in therapy so that you can make the most of your support aid. Please note that we do not receive any commissions for sales made […]

Psychologist Perth and Fremantle : A resolution

Dr Terry Olesen and Heidi Smith are respected Perth and Fremantle Psychologists. If you would like to benefit from the assistance gained from a qualified, experienced, professional psychologist then you have come to the right place.   Counselling aims to create a safe and nurturing environment to you to overcome life’s challenges and help you […]

Pre-marriage Counselling Perth

  A resolution offers experienced Relationship Psychologists and Counsellors to take you through the pre-marital counselling process.   Our practitioners help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your relationships so we can target therapy for your specific needs. A resolution pre-marriage counselling provides an opportunity for you to make an investment in your future– to enhance […]

Professional Counselling for Anxiety in Applecross and Perth

Anxiety: a good response gone bad.   You know you should see someone about your anxiety when you’re feeling tense and anxious most of the time over things that would not normally bother you, or you’re having a hard time winding down or getting/staying asleep.   Feeling anxious every day can impact on your sense […]

Depression Counselling in Perth and Applecross

Depression, more than just feeling down.   “I’m feeling depressed” or “this is so depressing” are commonly used expressions for feeling down or being overwhelmed with sad feelings. Depression takes away your motivation, energy, optimism, and desire to do the things you enjoy like socialise. All the good aspects of your drive decrease and feelings […]

Perth and Applecross's Trusted Anger Management Counselling Services

Have you ever experienced losing control of how you think and behave in times of stress or conflict? Have you ever felt concerned that you are perceived as aggressive, intimidating or out of control?   Have your friends and family behaved differently around you when you “lose it” or if you become agitated with certain […]

Family Counselling Perth and Applecross

Family Counselling – a holistic approach   More often than not, the person that is referred to counselling is only a part of the problem. Family systems are complex, and involve many individuals. To be able to create change in this system, working as a family and identifying each individual’s contribution to conflict and disharmony […]

Adolescent and Teen Counselling in Perth and Applecross

The teen brain is still under construction. Many parents often complain that their teenagers occasionally behave in an impulsive, irrational, or hazardous way. They differ from adults in the way they behave, rationalise and solve problems, and make decisions. At times, it seems like they don’t think things through or fully consider the consequences of […]

Trauma and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Psychologist

Trauma and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Recovery   Have you ever experienced something that was inexplainable, where you recall an unhappy or traumatising experience? This can be a fleeting second of memory that leaves you feeling anxious or like you are reliving the sensations of that experience…You may be surprised that this even occurred, since you thought […]

Panic Attacks

Don’t panic, how to identify and control panic attacks   An overwhelming feeling of anxiety and fear, a pounding heart, difficulty breathing, thoughts of dying or ‘what is wrong with me’. Am I going crazy?   A panic attack can be very frightening. If not treated they can worsen, causing you to withdraw from social […]

Relationship, Fertility and Life Counselling

We know the impact trying for a baby and undergoing fertility treatment can have on your emotional well-being and your relationship.   Allow our caring, specialised counsellors to help you get back on track.   Do you feel like your partner does not understand your emotional needs during the IVF treatment? Have you started to […]

Leading Psychologists in Perth and Fremantle

Heidi is based in Applecross, 12 minutes from Perth and provides counselling for anyone who is experiencing issues in their life and relationships. If you would like to benefit from the assistance gained from a qualified, experienced, professional psychologist then you have come to the right place.   Counselling aims to create a safe and nurturing […]

Family Court Expert Reports

Family Court Expert Reports Independent Expert for Family Court Reports provided by Heidi Smith and her team at Aresolution   With over 8 years experiences running a family dispute resolution business, child inclusive practice mediation and a team of psychologists Heidi Smith and her team can assist with your family court expert report requirements.  Heidi […]