Professional Counselling for Anxiety in Applecross and Perth

Anxiety: a good response gone bad.

You know you should see someone about your anxiety when you’re feeling tense and anxious most of the time over things that would not normally bother you, or you’re having a hard time winding down or getting/staying asleep.

Feeling anxious every day can impact on your sense of meaning and fulfilment from life.

While anxiety is a natural response that was designed to activate our fight or flight response and keep us safe thousands of years ago; modern life has replaced ancient circumstances that threatened our livelihood and peace with financial worries, lingering memories of traumas, work stressors, fear of failure, or failing relationships and excessive consumption of stimulants.


What is anxiety counselling and how can our services help?


    • Being unable to ‘switch off’ and relax
    • Feeling alert
    • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
    • Feeling restless and agitated, but exhausted
    • Raised blood pressure, heart palpitations, and sweating
    • Feelings of stress about socialising, relationships, breaching routine, health and finances
    • Worries seem disproportionate and/or move from one thing to another


Anxiety is normal, but too much can become debilitating, and we cannot differentiate between the things to worry about and the things that are expected or normalised”. It is important to realise this so you can start to put things into their true perspective.


Anxiety counselling can help you find relief

Anxiety disorders put a person into a vicious repeating circle of stress. The elements of counselling treatment are designed to enable you to recognise the stages and break out of the circle.

Anxiety can be worked on either with medication or psychotherapy or a combination of both. Your GP can prescribe anti-anxiety medication but your psychologist can help you identify the reasons and help you make decisions about the best treatment.

The approach to overcome anxiety is different for every client. Some may learn stress management techniques, develop strategies and skills to shift thinking or emotional response patterns or others may need to focus on life style changes such as increasing exercise or decreasing caffeine/alcohol/substance abuse. A psychologist can also help you manage stressful or abusive relationships at work or at home.

Cognitive Behavioural therapy or CBT and Mindfulness helps you to make a connection between your thoughts and the feelings of anxiety. Learning to identify and counter negative or anxious thoughts improves mood and lifts anxiety. This therapy sounds simple but is extremely powerful. CBT and Mindfulness has been well researched for anxiety and depression and has a high success rate.


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A resolution has helped hundreds of Perth people overcome anxiety and improve the quality of their life, work and relationships.

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Our Anxiety Psychologists

terryDr Terry Olesen – Terry  brings over 16 years experience providing expertise to adolescents, individuals, families and couples in private practice and government settings.


Terry works with a range of issues including Relationship Counselling, Mood Disorders, Aging, Pain Management, Critical Incident, Interpersonal Conflict, Family Discord/Conflict, Personal Adjustment, Drug & Alcohol, Workplace Conflict, Gender Identity and Career Choice.


Terry has worked as psychologist leading groups in Anxiety, Anger Management and Depression for Anglicare WA.

  • Registered Psychologist in W.A. since 1999
  • Former School Psychologist
  • Training in systemic family therapy, ACT/CBT, and other modalities
  • Professional Development via Aus. Psychological Society (14 years)
  • Evidence Based Training (Ph.D., Psychology, ECU, 2005-2012)