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Private Couples Retreat bookings Available

Why come on the couples retreat?

If you want to renew or awaken your love for your partner, repair an ailing marriage, improve communication or make a major relationship decision our couple intensive marriage retreat can help you gain insights into your personal situation while learning key relationship skills to really help you grow.

Private couples retreats are suitable for all couples designed to help you reconnect and revive your relationship. The couples retreat allows you and your partner to escape the trappings of every-day life and the issues that you may be experiencing and to really focus on your relationship.

The retreat has been designed with professionalism and individual couple sensitivity in mind. You will not find yourself caught up in awkward and revealing group activities or vague and structureless therapy sessions you will be in the hands of a highly qualified and experienced couple and family therapist. The retreat will be led by Heidi Smith Registered Psychologist and member of the Australian Psychological Society.

We understand the importance of resolving the issues in your relationship and we have organised private therapy sessions and group activities in the beautiful Lombok Island Bali to help you and your partner reconnect and reach resolution.


 Structure of the couple’s retreat

People are attracted to this retreat because there are no awkward group sessions. It is run by a Psychologist with 10 years of experience in couple therapy. It provides an evidence based, communication and problem solving focus to help you reach resolution.

Private couple therapy retreats Bali

These can be booked throughout the year on demand. The fee for the private retreat is $3900 for WA retreats and $4900 for interstate retreats, it includes 12 therapy hours and relationship assessment. Additional therapy hours are $260/hr and your accommodation is extra.

Reconnect, save, re-engage or revive your relationship.The couples retreat allows you and your partner to go beyond your everyday life to move past the issues you may be experiencing and really focus on the importance of your relationship.

The activities and therapy sessions allow you to gain insight into your personal situation while learning key relationship skills that will help you understand your partner. The retreat has been designed by qualified and experienced family and couple therapists with professionalism and couple sensitivity in mind. There are no uncomfortable or revealing group activities or aimless therapy sessions.

Reasons why couples go on the retreat:

We were at breaking point and needed help to make a decision

The conflict was too much

We were like flat mates, the only thing we had in common was children

I discovered my partner was having an affair, we were struggling to get through it

You will complete private therapy sessions and couple assignments in order to achieve these objectives. The location in Gilli Ilsand Bali creates a beautiful experience you and your partner will always remember.

Take the steps to revive your relationship and request an information pack.

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