Family Court and the Family Mediator Perth

Private family mediators offer quick service

In 2009 the Family court made it mandatory for separating couples to first attend mediation for parenting matters. A number of government agencies were set up to manage these new arrangements but some people are reporting long waiting periods. A resolution Pty Ltd (formerly Mediator Style Resolution) offers private mediation as an alternative to the government funded system.

Making the decision to use a private mediation company vs a government agency is like making the decision between private or public health. Most people recognize that private health costs a bit more but offers  more  timely services.

When making parenting arrangements time is of the essence as long, drawn out conflicts can affect your children more adversely. It is important that you reach agreements quickly, outside of court so that children are not caught up in the conflict. Most people would like their children to see them as good role models, even when faced with challenges such as separation but unfortunately the adversarial atmosphere created by court or long conflict is not conducive for this.


A resolution’s point of difference is that it is a boutique agency offering a premium service at affordable rates. A resolution family mediators encourage a child-focused dialogue in mediation.