Mediating personality: MBTI and mediation

Personality influences the way we view conflict, the source of conflict, the way we express ourselves in conflict and even how we attempt to resolve conflict as a participant or a mediator. Enrol in the “Mediating Personality” workshop for strategies to mediate these personality differences in conflict.

The ‘mediating personality’ workshop is designed to increase your awareness of how personality plays a role in conflict and its resolution. To help you understand more about yourself, your clients, and your role as a mediator.

Mediating Personality workshop benefits

>> Strategies to mediate personality differences

>> Identify and manage personality related communication patterns

>> Improve your communication skills and ability to resolve conflict

>> Understand how personality may contribute to conflict

>> Understand how personality influences your mediation behaviour and style

>> Identify your MBTI personality profile

>> Follow up workshop support (email activities)

Who is the workshop suitable for?

Those who would like to further develop their mediation skills and build continual professional development points. Even practitioners familiar with psychological type preferences find this workshop very useful. Previous attendees include human resource managers, solicitors, mediation practitioners, employee assistance providers, psychologists, healthcare practitioners, counsellors and coaches to name just a few.

Continual Professional Development points may be collected for all the aformentioned professionals. Please contact your professional body for further information.

In-house training: All training is fully customisable to your workplace and available in 2hr, 4hr and up to 1 day modules. Contact us for a comprehensive quote and course overview here.

Are you a registered mediator?

Mediating Personality’ training may provide your with continual professional development points. Training build on the following core competency knowledge requirements as described in the National Mediator Standards:

>> Communication patterns in conflict and negotiation situations

>> Appropriate communication skills

>> Mediator interventions appropriate for standard difficulties in mediation

Please contact NADRAC for further information.

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