Mediation training & conflict coaching

Would you likeworkplace mediation to improve your conflict resolution skills to help mediate conflict between clients? colleagues? or work one-on-one with colleagues and/or clients to help them better process and respond to internal conflict?

This experiential 3-day program provides an essential combination of mediation and conflict coaching skills to:

  • Build professionals conflict resolution skills
  • Assist resolution between two parties and;
  • Work one-on-one with clients to help them resolve conflict and build their conflict resolution skills.

Almost everyone experiences conflict at some point in their life, this can be in the workplace or in their personal lives. How we process the conflict is critical to ensure that we minimize the impact and maximize the resolution that is possible.

As a manager, consultant or counsellor we have the skills and strategies for managing performance or mental mental health, but what about the tools to help clients process the internal and external conflicts they experience every day?

This experiential 3-day program provides an essential combination of mediation and conflict coaching skills to build professionals conflict resolution skills to assist resolution between two parties and work one-on-one with clients to help them resolve conflict and/or build their conflict resolution skills.

When resolving conflict it is not always essential or enough to conduct a two-person mediation session, and this training gives the conflict resolution professional additional tools to work with clients before or after they mediate between parties. Professionals will have the opportunity to participate in a number of simulated role plays.

There is a growing body of research that supports the effectiveness of mediation skills and psycho-educational conflict resolution resources in assisting clients to resolve and better handle conflict.

Professional Development – CPD

This course is recognised by national Australian organisations as providing continuing professional development for a range of professions including Human Resources, Law, Counselling, and so on. You may be eligible for up to 21 CPD points

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What the mediation training offers:

>> Utilises a proven mediation model effective with a range of disputes

>> Video clips of mediations and interpersonal dispute case studies

>> Strategies to manage high conflict personalities and case studies

>> Strategies to help parties generate options and move through impasse

>> Effective questioning techniques to identify issues, explore options for resolution and reality test

>> Tools to identify and manage power imbalances in mediation

>> Delivers strategies to manage process dynamics

What the conflict coaching training offers:

>> A flexible conflict coaching model effective in helping clients become more aware

>> Tools to help clients identify their conflict triggers and responses and/or their conflict resolution style

>> Conflict mapping strategies

>> Effective questioning techniques to help clients identify issues, their role in the conflict, their desired outcomes and the role that conflict plays in their life

>> Assertiveness training tools to help clients build their ability to address conflict

What do people say?

“Fantastic facilitators, I loved their passion and experience for mediation and conflict resolution

“I have learnt many tools that I can use with my clients, thankyou”

The 2 presenters were dynamic, extremely knowledgeable and outstanding. Throughout the training sessions they were both able to professionally communicate the entire content of the material.”

“Finally I now have the confidence to sit in a room and work with two clients through a resolution process”

“All frontline managers should attend this course”

Who is the workshop suitable for?

Those who would like to further develop their mediation and conflict coaching skills and build continuing professional development points.The training is suitable for counsellors, social workers, health care practitioners, human resource managers, employee assistance providers, psychologists, and coaches to name just a few.

Continual Professional Development points may be collected for all the aformentioned professionals. Please contact your professional body for further information.


IN-HOUSE TRAINING: All training is fully customisable to your workplace and available in 2 – 5 day modules. Contact us for a comprehensive quote and course overview here.