Mediation training I workplace conflict resolution and mediation

Mediation Training Perth PhotoWorkplace Conflict Resolution and Mediation training is an experiential 2 day program that teaches you positive strategies to manage conflict situations in the workplace.

New anti-bullying laws will come into effect form 1 January 2014. Over the next few months it is imperative that employers get their affairs in order and update and review bullying and harassment policies and grievance management procedures.

For managers and HR consultants it will help you understand relevant legislative framework, develop more self-confidence to work one on one and jointly with people and take a proactive rather than reactive approach to conflict situations, and enhance your effectiveness in working with others.



Heidi Smith Director and Organisational Psychologist Registrar at A resolution will explain the importance of your performance management process and a healthy workplace culture in preventing workplace bullying as well as conflict coaching strategies to work one-on-one with employees.

Douja Elhajj Director and Principal Mediator at A resolution will provide an introduction to a proven mediation process that will give you strategies to manage mediation process dynamics.

Key features of the training

  • Understand the new Fair Work legislation and process for managing bullying and harassment complaints
  • Conflict coaching techniques to help employees find solutions to their conflict
  • A proven mediation model effective with a range of disputes
  • Strategies to manage mediation process dynamics
  • Strategies to help parties generate options and move through impass
  • Critical steps for conducting investigation
  • Critical elements of your performance management proces
  • Workplace culture factors that contribute and prevent workplace bullying

In-house solutions: A resolution offers fully customisable in-house mediation and conflict resolution training. We are based in Perth, Western Australia but we deliver training in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide.  This experiential 2-5 program will assist professionals to explore and develop the essential principles and process of mediation. We overview conflict resolution skills and the Lawrence Boulle mediation model (one of the most effective mediation models available). Professionals will have the opportunity to participate in a number of simulated role plays. The skills built by this course can be utilized in many different areas of conflict e.g., workplace, interpersonal and client work.

All training is fully customisable to your workplace and available in 2 to 5 day modules. Contact us for a comprehensive quote and course overview contact us.