Family Business Mediation

You may have developed your family business on a foundation of trust, love, and hope to build a family empire that you can all benefit from. You may not have anticipated the risk involved in joining two worlds, your family relationship and your livelihood. This dual role can create tension and disharmony to even the […]

Commercial mediation

Commercial Mediation    A resolution commercial mediation can preserve your business relationships and avoid legal proceedings. A resolution mediators conduct meaningful conversations with all parties and listen with the intent of finding a genuine resolution. A resolution mediation is a collaborative process to develop agreements suitable for all parties. Mediation is confidential and keeps you […]

Perth and Fremantle’s Leading Mediators and Family Counselling Centre

Achieve A Resolution in a timely and cost effective manner with our family mediation service. Family mediation services for parenting and property separation Mediation can help families who are: in the process of separation; thinking about separation; or have already separated, to make decisions regarding parenting and property matters. Our family mediation centre offers its […]

Family dispute resolution mediation - certificate 60I

A resolution mediators are able to issue family dispute resolution certificates following mediation. A resolution offers pre-mediation and mediation appointments within 14 days. In accordance with Part VII Section 60Iof the Family Law Act 1975,from 1 July 2007, it is necessary for parties to receive a certificate from a FDR practitioner (mediator) in order to […]

FAQ I Family Dispute Resolution

What is the role of the family mediator (family dispute resolution practitioner)? The FDRP is impartial and has no vested interest in the outcome of a dispute between individuals. The FDRP assists in identifying the disputed issues and concerns, facilitates discussion that is future focused, encourages collaboration and exploration of concerns, brainstorm options, consider alternatives […]

Lawyer Assisted Mediation Process Perth

Fast-Track your Parenting and Financial Agreements Separation can be difficult enough without the added complication of a drawn-out and expensive settlement process. You can reach agreements, ready to be lodged with the Family Court, within a 2-Day mediation process. Across 2 days you’ll have a mutual agreement about: › Property settlement › Monies and any other financial details › Your children’s care […]

Separation Agreement

Enlist the help of a qualified Perth Family Mediator to prepare your separation agreement. Your separation agreement needs to be worded and formatted carefully and fully consider property, debt, alimony, child support, visitation, insurance, tax and child support issues.   You do not need to have legal advice to draft your agreement but we recommend […]

Divorce Property Settlement

If your looking to prepare your divorce property settlement quickly and in a non adversarial way read on. Avoid court. Prepare your agreement quickly. Avoid lawyers.   A Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner won’t be able to give you legal advice (although trained in the Family Law Act), however they can guide you through the separation […]

Family Mediation Fees and Installment Plans

Fees Schedule 2017 Set up fee = $100/pp Pre-mediation (1.5hrs) = $250 (Including GST) Child-Focused Session (1.5 hours) = $270 (GST free service) Parenting and Property Mediation sessions (3 hours) = $550 (Including GST) for evening/weekend sessions there is a 15% surcharge Lawyer-Assisted Property Mediation sessions (from 4 hours) = $220/hr/pp (inc. GST) Agreement Preparation […]