What is Family Dispute Resolution?

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is also known as family mediation. FDR helps couples who are separating or divorced with an effective method of resolving disagreements and building co-operation.


The issues discussed in family dispute resolution can include problems that have arisen during or after  separation  and the effect these problems have had on the children; how the child’s best interests can best be served within the new structure of their family; parenting plans; and property and finances.


FDR can help you agree on issues such as children’s living arrangements, schooling, child support, financial issues and property settlements.  Importantly, FDR assists parents to develop arrangements that will be in the best interests of their children.


Family dispute resolution is essentially a structured discussion offered to separating parents and significant others to assist in decision making about parenting and/or property. Thus, it can assist parents to develop parenting plans.


Family Dispute Resolution Parenting Plans


Agreements reached in Family Dispute Resolution form the basis for a parenting plan. They are not legally binding however; an existing consent order can be changed if both parents agree to a new arrangement. A well constructed parenting plan is designed to assist parents to be good managers of their children’s wellbeing.


What is a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner?


Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners are registered with the Attorney General’s department and conduct family dispute resolution. They are empathic, conciliatory, impartial and do not take sides.   Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners remain impartial and do not give legal advice.   However, in discussions involving the welfare of the children, they may adopt a more advisory role in order to help keep the best interests of the children in focus.


Is Family Dispute Resolution confidential?


All discussions that take place during family dispute resolution are confidential, unless either party discloses an intention to harm a person or their property, or child abuse.


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