Resolution skill survey

NResolution skill surveyot sure which conflict intervention you need? Before you begin any intervention find out about the collective conflict resolution skills of your workforce. The Resolution Skill Survey can help you identify the types of conflicts employees experience, their ability to resolve conflict, their reactions to conflict and its impact on organisational outcomes such as absenteeism.

The Resolution Skill Survey provides insight into the conflict resolution skills, abilities and context of your employees. The survey provides an assessment of employees:

1. Organisational Conflict Context: conflict experiences (who employees experience conflict with, how they feel, impact on work and typical conflict scenarios).

2. Self-reported conflict resolution skills (e.g., assertiveness, ability to use ā€˜Iā€™ statements effectively.

3. Ability to resolve conflict (assessed by conflict resolution scenarios)

At just $55/pp (minimum booking 10 people) and $330 per report, this survey offers a very affordable insight into the conflict experienced by your employees.

For a sample report of the Resolution Skill Survey click here