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Dealing with difficult situations training

On completion a participant will be able to:

  • Identify the common elements of a difficult situation
  • Analyse what works and what doesn’t when dealing with difficult situations
  • Justify reactions to difficult situations and how these shape outcomes
  • Use listening, paraphrasing and questioning to understand the other person’s perspective
  • Apply assertiveness techniques to respond to difficult situations
  • Respond to criticism without becoming emotional or defensive
  • Define conflict and identify your style in conflict situations
  • Apply a process for resolving workplace conflicts.


Stress management training

Participants will be able to explain the drivers and the physiology of stress, and develop a plan for work and personal life to manage this positively to increase health and well-being
On completion of this program, participants will be able to:
• Identify the best approach to a stressful situation (Alter, Avoid, or Accept)
• Explain what lifestyle elements you can change to reduce stress
• Use routines to reduce stress
• Use environmental and physical relaxation techniques
• Better cope with major events
• Use a stress log to identify stressors and create a plan to reduce or eliminate them.
Training available in half day or full day formats, contact us on 1300 ARESOLVE