A resolution presents a strategy packed interactive seminar that provides mediation or legal professionals with the ‘soft’ skills for ‘hard’ clients. With the use of compelling case examples, we explain the personality dynamics of difficult clients and practical strategies to manage their behavior. All attendees get a copy of Billy Eddy’s ground breaking book ‘High Conflict People in legal disputes’.

Dealing with toxic personalities in disputes

Difficult clients present with a host of issues for legal and mediation professionals including but not limited to: preoccupation with their own issues, chronic adversarial or blaming behaviour and difficult relationships
We identify the dynamics of 4 types of difficult personalities that appear in litigation : develop key skills for handling them including:

  • Ways to set boundaries and provide security
  • How to contain their emotions and focus on tasks
  • Psychological strategies for reality testing their cognitive distortions
  • Methods for motivating reflection and behaviour change

All training is fully customisable to your workplace and available in 2hr, 4hr and up to 1 day modules. Contact us for a comprehensive quote and course overview here.