Human Resources Consulting Perth Team

Human Resources Consulting Perth

On demand or on-going strategic Human Resource Consulting support   Our human resource consulting services are based on the values of helping you reach business resolutions, motivating employees and improving workplace relationships.   We do this by ensuring all solutions are integrated into the organisational goals and values. We are strategic with an emphasis on […]

Workplace engagement and organisational culture survey

Do you know if your employees are checked in or checked out? Employee engagement is an important driver of your organisation’s success. When employees are engaged there is a positive workplace culture that drives productivity and motivates staff to create satisfied and loyal customers. An organisational culture survey reveals the culture of a workplace and […]


Healthy relationships. Healthy workplace. A resolution workplace mediators are experienced in dealing with cases throughout Perth that evolve around personality clashes, bullying and different perceptions of management action in relation to performance, capability and absence. Our workplace mediation services are based in Perth and throughout WA.   While mediation is often associated with interpersonal workplace […]

Management and Leadership Coaching

  A resolution leadership coaching cultivates a leadership change that evolves authentically from the inside out. Management and Leadership coaching is emerging as the development vehicle of choice to create more effective business leadership and drive harmony, effectiveness and productivity in the workplace. Leadership coaching to take your performance to the next level. Management or leadership […]


Specialised workplace investigations services for the Health and Not for Profit Sector.    DISCRIMINATION? MISCONDUCT? BULLING? HARASSMENT? MANAGEMENT STYLE?   Our investigation specialty is to not only deal with matters of evidence related to misconduct, harassment, bullying or discrimination but to provide insight into the underlying causes of the the complaint such as management style, […]


WORKPLACE BULLYING SPECIALISTS. SENSITIVE AND SPECIALISED BULLYING AND HARASSMENT INVESTIGATIONS A resolution is Perth’s leading bullying and harassment investigation service. With nearly 67% of employee bullying investigations resulting in a complaint being found to be unsubstantiated, 25% of managers leaving the organisation and a significant number of the accused experiencing depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and […]

Workplace Bullying and Harassment Training Perth

Workplace bullying and harassment training and management Our training and consultation services can help you prevent, manage and respond to workplace bullying and harassment claims. We can help your employees understand the difference between reasonable management action and a bullying and harassment allegation. This could save you thousands in investigation costs and legal costs. A […]

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is a confidential one-to-one service conducted by a psychologist or counsellor assisting you to discuss your conflict/s, develop key insights, explore options and rehearse the skills and strategies you will apply in resolving or managing conflict.

Conflict culture index

Conflict in the workplace occurs when there are different values about what work should be done, how it should be done, what individual needs are acceptable and which ways of satisfying personal goals are acceptable. People often blame conflict at work on ‘personality clashes’ but rarely does the conflict within an organisation occur in a […]