Preparing for your workplace investigation

 To help minimise the cost of an external investigator we suggest that you prepare the following information:

  • Review of applicable company policies, including how they are communicated to employees, whether followed, etc.;
  • Summary of the complaint, including how the employer received notice, as well as a chronology of important events;
  • The names and identities of all relevant witnesses with notes on relevant background and relationships to complainant and accused; relevant employment information of the complainant, the accused and the key witnesses;
  • Specific information for each identified incident (who, what, when, where, why);
  • Identity of other possible witnesses, new leads and new documents;
  • A conflict check procedure to resolve conflicting witness accounts without identifying the witness; and
  • Potentially related claims and relevant information.

If your HR department has not been identified as a serious conflict of interest in the investigation process costs can be minimised by having them assist with the referencing of investigation documents and their collection.