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A resolution workplace mediators are experienced in dealing with cases throughout Perth that evolve around personality clashes, bullying and different perceptions of management action in relation to performance, capability and absence. Our workplace mediation services are based in Perth and throughout WA.
While mediation is often associated with interpersonal workplace disputes, our clients tend to have a high level of complexity and commonly involved issues that could have been subject to both grievance and disciplinary procedures.

We help you preserve and restore your workplace relationships

Referrals most commonly come from HR Managers, but Senior Management and trade unions may refer too. The following is a list of issues we have experience in handling:


  • Accusation of bullying
  • Grievance following performance management
  • Long-term absence post performance management
  • Accusation of victimisation after absence
  • Performance management
  • Interpersonal dispute between two senior colleagues


Our clients call us in at any stage of the grievance resolution process, including the build-up, during and after.


When you appoint an A resolution professional to help you manage office conflict or bullying investigations, you will have support from a nationally accredited workplace mediator. Not only this, but you’ll have help from an organisational psychology consultant to manage conflict in a conscious, effective manner. A resolution mediators have more than 4,000 hours of combined experience.


We give organisations a tailored WA mediation process that includes:

  • conflict coaching (so staff can better manage conflict in the future)
  • written reports after all mediation interventions
  • interviews with HR staff and inclusion in the mediation process
  • organisational consultancy
  • pre-mediation and mediation


Mediation provides a comfortable environment that encourages people to speak openly with each other and improve working relationships.


To prepare for the workplace mediation process please complete our workplace mediator brief

To find out more about our fees and services, call for a free 20 minute consultation on 08 6555 7786.

Our workplace mediation services are based in Perth, WA, but our mediators can assist interstate and international business too.
Workplace Mediator

The Principal Mediator at Aresolution is Douja Elhajj, Douja has over 10 years mediation experience in National mediation centres and private practice. Douja sits on many mediation boards and has also worked for the Small Business Development Corporation.

Douja is a nationally accredited mediation and accredited mediation practitioner of the Resolution Institute

Dispute Resolution Institute