Relationship Issues & Infidelity

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When someone you love betrays your trust it can cause significant issues in your relationship. Feeling hurt, alone and angry are common feelings you may experience when you find out your partner has had an affair. It may seem that life as you know it can change overnight, affecting your sleep, work performance and your overall general health and wellbeing. An affair can cause emotional distress and leave you feeling uncertain about your future. While not everyone can move past the hurt and betrayal that an affair can bring. Relationships can move past even the toughest test of infidelity. Here [...]

Living with an Alcoholic

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You’re exhausted and frustrated. You’re tired of putting up with mood swings and erratic behaviour. Living with an alcoholic can be testing on your relationships. You have tried everything to help them quit but the truth is, it is up to them to take the first steps towards recovery. For many social drinking is just a normal part of life, however, the line becomes blurry when the occasional drink becomes more and more. In this article we address how to handle dealing with alcoholism. Open up the conversation Struggling with alcoholism means a lot of people brush the issue under [...]

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Stress Management

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Stress is a response to a challenging or dangerous situation. A small amount of stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it can increase energy and motivation and push us to achieve. But if stress becomes prulonged and affects our ability to cope with day to day to life it can cause problems with our physical and mental health. No matter who you are, stress will occur at some point in your life so it’s important to identify the early warning signs and notice when stress could be becoming a problem. This might include muscle tension, headaches, poor sleep and [...]

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