Looking for a bulk billing psychologist? – We don’t bulk bill but we offer a low cost solution.

Low-cost sessions for valid concession card holders – $35.20 out of pocket expenses

A resolution assists individuals looking for a bulk-billing psychologist with low cost sessions. A resolution Psychologists aim to increase access to psychological services to all people independent of their financial situation.

Our team offer low out of pocket sessions as an alternative to bulk-billing at Aresolution.

They assist A resolution clients with Bulk Billing requests by offering psychological services for just $35.20 out of pocket expense for eligible concession card holders or people who are unemployed.

We don’t bulk bill, sorry but we can offer a low out of pocket solution. 

When a psychologist offers a Bulk-Billing service they reduce their payment to the rebate provided by Medicare for the service. With the recommended rate for psychology at $264 a session, the bulk billing rebate does not cover the full recommended fee.

Unfortunately, we cannot bulk bill.  However, for clients looking for a Bulk-Billing service we offer  services for $35.20 out-of-pocket expenses a session. Medicare provides rebates for up to 10 sessions a calendar year.

You will be required to pay the service fee on the day ($120 – registered psychologist or $160 clinical psychologist) and will be rebated a day or two later with your mental health plan. 

Am I eligible for your reduced concession fee sessions?

To be eligible you need to ask your doctor to prepare a Mental Health Care Plan and also have a valid concession card. Most GP’s require you to book a slightly longer session. Mental disorder is a term used to describe a range of diagnosable disorders that significantly interfere with an individual’s thinking, emotional or social abilities.

When are your concession rate sessions available?

These concession rate sessions are available for appointments before 4 pm on Monday and Fridays.

Our Psychologists offering low out of pocket session fees for those looking for ‘bulk billing’.

Unami Magwenzi

Senior Clinical Psychologist (more info)

Unami can help with anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, relationship and family counselling,

Katherine Shanhun

Senior Psychologist (more info)

Katherine is passionate about anxiety, depression, PTSD, relationship and family counselling.

Megan Moussa 

Senior Psychologist (more info)

Megan is passionate about relationship counselling, rehabilitation, pain, family counselling, teens, trauma and anxiety.

Laima Kuliukas

Psychologist (More info)

Laima can help with OCD, trauma, depression, sleep disorders, anxiety and more. Laima loves to work with people who want to find the underlying causes of their issues so they make lasting changes in their lives.

To make an appointment with Unami, Katherine, Laima,  or Megan before 4 pm on Mondays and Fridays call 08 6555 7786

To Make an Appointment Phone Today 08 6555 7786

Ph: 08 6555 7786
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