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Frequently Asked Questions about Relationship Counselling

What are the fees involved and can you get rebates?

The fees for sessions are $190 for weekday appointments before 4 pm and $200 for appointments after 4 pm or Saturdays.

Private health rebates should apply if you have ‘psychology’ as an extra, many funds do provide this but we recommend that you call your fund and check your level of cover if this is of concern to you.

Medicare rebates may apply if you or your partner suffer a mental health condition such as anxiety or depression or substance use. Your GP will draft a mental health plan. This is essentially a plan to manage your condition.

This is up to the individual psychologist and your GP to make an assessment of your eligibility for rebates and to see if it suits a session plan that involves sessions with your partner.

What happens in therapy?

We spend time understanding and clarifying the issues in the initial stages of therapy. We talk about what brought you here, the history of the problem, a little about your background and history and work out what you would like to focus on in therapy. The psychologist will give you insight into the particular issues and patterns.

From here we then start working through the problems. Generally, the focus is building communication and understanding about the issues but we help you negotiate a solution and reach a resolution.

Each session we also review how these changes are progressing, and address additional issues at a pace that is manageable by both of you. You may be given materials to read of things to follow up on between sessions.

Should we both be at the first session together?

It is entirely up to your preference, however, we recommend you both attend the first session together and then meet with the counsellor/psychologist separately after.

What if my partner does not want to come?

It is not uncommon for partners to be reluctant to see the ‘counsellor’. We encourage you to come on your own anyway, once they start seeing some of the things you are doing in the sessions (personality profiling and goal setting) they just might be inspired to come.

Working alone, we can provide you with strategies that just might help your situation and you may find that you can get your desired improvements by the changes or the insights that you gain alone. One person changing can and does change the dynamic in the relationship. You still have power in your relationship by making changes yourself.

Why choose us?

Our therapists understand the research behind what makes a successful relationship work and how to communicate in a way that enables you to feel heard, loved and understood.

Your therapist will help discover and build research-based skills that will strengthen your relationship.

Sessions are available on weekdays, evenings and weekends email or phone with your preferred session time.

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