How you can save 80% of relationship counselling session fees with an experienced relationship Psychologist during IVF treatment.

If you have ever considered relationship counselling as a way to improve your relationship and never had got around to it then you might want to make the time to book in with a relationship Psychologist while you can get sessions with a relationship expert for as little as $40.

During IVF treatment you are likely to have reached the Medicare Safety Net which entitles you to get 80% of your session fees back (provided you have a valid Mental Health referral plan drafted by a GP).

Not only is it cost-effective to do relationship counselling during the year of IVF treatment but it is time effective too. If you have not gotten around to booking that relationship counselling you had considered before how likely are you to book it when you finally have that baby of your dreams?

Why not start relationship counselling now?

Why not give your relationship the best chance it has to be nurtured during the difficult time of IVF and strengthened ready for your journey as first-time parents or a growing family.

With Medicare covering 80% of the cost, it makes sense to maximise the benefits you could receive from Medicare when you have invested so much in trying to get that child of your dreams.

My experience as a psychologist with an interest in relationships, fertility and couple counselling

I am Heidi Smith and I am an experienced psychologist with a special interest in relationship counselling, parenting, sexual abuse, anxiety (particularly OCD) and fertility issues. I have completed Level 2 Gottman Method Couple therapy which means I have completed 10 days of intensive couple therapy training in addition to the training I received during my university degree.

I manage a team of family, parenting and relationship counselling experts. We love working with couples and helping them to understand each other better, connect, resolve conflict and grow as a family!

On a personal level, I have struggled through nearly 6 years of fertility issues, had multiple IVF sessions, tried many natural remedies. I suffered an assisted miscarriage at 4 months but was fortunate to go on to have a successful IVF pregnancy.

My husband and I have also attended over 14 sessions of marriage counselling during our IVF treatment, maximising the benefits of the Medicare Safety Net. I also attended 15 sessions of individual therapy during this time also to maximise my Medicare safety net allowance.

How relationship counselling can help you and your partner

Relationship counselling with an experienced Psychologist can help you and your partner to resolve conflict, heal from past hurts, prepare for parenting and/or develop a deeper understanding of each other’s perspectives. It can help you to build more respectful communication, connection and intimacy!

I strongly recommend that you and your partner read the 7 principles of making marriage work by Dr John Gottman as a great place to start to develop your relationship if you are or are not yet ready to start relationship counselling.

If you partner is not yet ready to do relationship counselling, why not take the time to address any individual concerns about yourself or your relationship that you may have.

If you would like to find out if you might be eligible for these Medicare rebated sessions please call my office on 08 6555 7786 and book a call back.

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