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Professional Marriage Counselling servicing in Applecross

Allow us to help you get back on track.


We know that relationships can be both rewarding and challenging at times and aim to help you and your partner resolve any difficulties you are currently facing and prepare you with the foundation to manage the challenges ahead.


A resolution therapists will assist you in building your relationship skills, make decisions about commitment, revitalize love and set goals for a relationship development. Our marriage and couples counselling services across Fremantle and Perth WA have helped many relationships find their path once more.

Our relationship and marriage counsellors can help you to really understand the problems and perspectives of each of you, and help you to develop a positive action plan and way through their problems to make changes which have a positive impact. This can help you to reconnect with a real sense of hope for your relationship.


We have helped hundreds of couples in Perth and Fremantle improve their relationships with relationship counselling. We have a solid process and system to help you and your partner improve your relationship. You can trust an A resolution practitioner because our approach is based on the latest models of couple therapy and thorough.


For most couples, your process will follow our proven format. This process allows for effective goal setting and intervention. For couples that require urgent interventions and strategies to de-escalate conflict or recover from an affair, this format will be tailored to your needs. We aim to provide best practice with your unique needs.

Initial Relationship Counselling Session times are 80 minutes and Subsequent Session times are 50 minutes or 80 minutes.


With our convenient near Freeway location, we service clients across Perth and Fremantle. We are located on Ardross St in Applecross, just a few minutes from the Kwinana Freeway!

Your Relationship Counselling Psychologists:

Unami Magwenzi Senior Clinical Psychologist

Unami has over 12 years experience in counselling and has developed her relationship and family counselling skills during her time at Relationships Australia. Unami has experience with couple conflict, trust issues, family challenges parenting.

Unami uses Gottman Method therapy to help couples improve communication, conflict, connection and understanding.

Kellie Adams Senior Psychologist

Kellie is new to our practice in Applecross but she is gained a lot of experience working with couples and families at Relationships Australia. Kellie is passionate about her work in helping couples manage conflict, alcohol use, parenting and family issues.

Kellie is completing advance training in Emotion Focused therapy for couples. The distressed couples who may benefit from EFT include those where one or both partners suffer from depression,  post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic illness, among other disorders. EFT has proven to be a powerful approach for couples dealing with infidelity or other more traumatic incidents, both current and past.

Megan Moosa Senior Psychologist

Megan is a Senior Psychologist at Aresolution. Megan brings over 10 years experience providing expertise to marriages, adolescents, couples and families in private practice and government settings.

Megan has experience in helping couples with conflict and communication issues, trust and intimacy issues.

Megan has completed Gottman Method therapy training for couples.

Heidi Smith Principal Psychologist

Heidi specialises in working with couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships such as conflict, communication, breaches of trust and intimacy issues.

Heidi  is an experienced Relationship Psychologist who has been featured on 6PR, Curtin FM Radio and the West Australian Newspapers for her work as a Relationship Psychologist in helping couples recovering from affairs. Heidi has helped hundreds of couples improve their relationships, manage mental health concerns for over 8 years.

Registered Psychologist and member of the Australian Psychological Society. Heidi uses Interpersonal Therapy, Cognitive-behavioural therapy, Gottman’s couple therapy and Emotional Focused therapy in her approach to help clients manage issues.

Government funding, Medicare and private health fund rebates may be applicable to our services. Medicare rebates require a doctor’s assessment of distress. Health fund rebates vary depending on your provider.

Why choose us?

Our therapists understand the research behind what makes a successful relationship work and how to communicate in a way that enables you to reach resolution. Your therapist will help discover and build research based skills that will strengthen your relationship.

Sessions are available on weekdays, evenings  and weekends

If you would like to send an appointment request for our couple counselling and marriage counselling, the reception will get back to you within 1hr (during business days) to confirm your appointment.

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