Panic Attacks

Don’t panic, how to identify and control panic attacks

An overwhelming feeling of anxiety and fear, a pounding heart, difficulty breathing, thoughts of dying or ‘what is wrong with me’. Am I going crazy?

A panic attack can be very frightening. If not treated they can worsen, causing you to withdraw from social activities.

Physical symptoms of a panic attack can include shortness of breath or smothering feelings, dizziness, feeling faint or unsteady, racing or pounding heart, trembling or shaking, sweating, choking sensations, nausea or abdominal distress, feelings of being detached or of things seeming unreal, numbness or tingling sensations, hot flashes or cold chills, chest pain or discomfort.

A panic attack is unlikely to kill you. It just feels very bad. One of the keys to overcoming a panic attack is to identify that it is occurring and using cognitive therapy and relaxation tools reduce the fear of the attack.

Therapy can help you not only tolerate the panic but control it.

How therapy can help overcome panic attacks:

How can therapy help you:

  • You can gain an understanding of the psychological and physiological causes of their panic attacks.
  • You can learn to manage the discomfort of Panic Attacks and reduce symptoms using mindfulness training, breathing techniques, cognitive coping skills.
  • You can regain freedom in your life through behavioural techniques such as gradual exposure to places and situations associated with panic symptoms.
  • It can identify if there are any underlying issues such as trauma, depression or anxiety.
  • It can help you overcome limiting past beliefs or experiences that contribute to your panic and cope with the stressors of every day life.


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