Pre-marriage Counselling Perth

A resolution offers experienced Relationship Psychologists and Counsellors to take you through the pre-marital counselling process.   Our practitioners help you identify strengths and weaknesses in your relationships so we can target therapy for your specific needs.

A resolution pre-marriage counselling provides an opportunity for you to make an investment in your future– to enhance and enrich.

It focuses on..

  • Clarifying expectations (e.g., roles and time)
  • Learning relationship skills such as rituals of connection and listening during the daily connection conversation
  • Raising awareness about how to manage parenting and finances
  • Communication and conflict resolution

Research evidence demonstrates that participating in a marriage and relationship counselling programs can benefit couples through improved communication and conflict management and lower divorce rates.

Government and Private rebates?

Medicare and Private Health fund rebates may be applicable to a Psychologist’s services. Medicare rebates require a doctor’s assessment of distress. Health fund rebates vary depending on your provider.

Why choose us?

Our therapists understand the research behind what makes a successful relationship work and how to communicate in a way that enables you to feel heard, loved and understood. Your therapist will help discover and build research based skills that will strengthen your relationship.

For most couples, your process will follow our proven format. This process allows for effective goal setting and intervention. For couples that require urgent interventions and strategies to de-escalate conflict or recover from an affair, this format will be tailored to your needs. We aim to provide best practice with your unique needs.

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