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What is psychodynamic psychotherapy?

Psychodynamic psychotherapy provides you with a safe and containing space to feel comfortable and explore your behaviour patterns. We give a deep look to understand your inner world and explore your thoughts, emotions and behaviours and their role in your current life.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is focused on you and your goals and will help give you insight into your patterns of behaviour and ways to overcome your problems. It focuses on unconscious processes as they show up in your life patterns. It facilitates the connection with your inner world and others.

What can psychotherapy help with?

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is used to help people with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and social anxiety. If you suffer from a more complex concern such as OCD, Bi-Polar, PTSD or Psychosis it may be best if you start treatment with therapies grounded in cognitive behavioural therapy before you start a course of psychodynamic therapy but please explore this with your therapist.

What do you do in psychotherapy?

In psychotherapy therapy, you learn to understand, recognise, express and overcome negative emotions and past experiences to improve your life and relationships. We explore patterns between your early life experiences and your current decision-making, behaviour, and connections to move past them. We help you process and make sense of past experiences that could be affecting the way you feel and behave currently.

In Psychodynamic therapy, we may spend some time exploring schemas. Schemas are enduring beliefs and feelings about yourself and the world you accept without question. Some schema beliefs are: “I’m unlovable,” “I will never be good enough,” etc. Researchers have found eighteen specific schemas. Most of us have at least two or three of these schemas, and often more. We may go through phases in our life when some of these schemas are active. Often when we feel stressed, we resort to these schemas or ways of thinking.

How long will psychotherapy last?

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is considered a longer-term therapy (i.e., greater than 6-10 sessions). You and your therapist usually work together until you agree that you are ready to end your therapy sessions.

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