Dr Andrew Stock


Andrew was born and grew up in Perth, and received his BSc while majoring in psychology from the University of Western Australia. After graduating, he worked in correctional services with inmates and their families just outside of Perth. Andrew then pursued and received his masters and doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University. Andrew lived and worked in Hong Kong as a psychologist from 2016, before moving back to Perth recently. Andrew is a provisionally registered psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia as he undertakes a 3-month international transitional training program.

Andrew works with individuals who struggle with compulsive behaviours, grief, and/or bereavement issues. He also helps clients respond healthily to diagnoses of relatively common mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression, by further examining the unhealthy processes that underlie these experiences.

Andrew is trained and experienced in family therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy. The mindful integration of these therapies facilitates the provision of highly specified and well-informed treatment for a range of psychological, emotional, relationship, work and/or academic related problems and challenges.  He has worked with young people in crisis including suicidal and self-harming individuals along with those with behavioural concerns.

He also offers psychological and psychoeducational evaluations to help understand clients’ personality and functioning, as well as inform educational and/or occupational plans and accommodations.

Andrew is committed to helping clients better understand themselves and others, in order to improve the lives of individuals, families, and wider society. He strives to honour and respect the capacity of each and every client he sees to reach for and attain self-actualisation in their pursuit of healthy living and relationships.

Andrew emphasises authenticity and transparency in his approach, value the trust of those he works with greatly, and believes that change comes from within. He also endorses a systemic and contextual approach, especially when working with children and vulnerable populations who are often victims of circumstance. Andrew constantly endeavours to learn more about diversity and cultures, and hold a deep respect for cultural and identity differences.


Anxiety in and of itself is not unhealthy and often an adaptive response to life’s challenges. Anxiety typically becomes an issue when a person responds to it in a manner that moves them away from their values. Andrew uses an acceptance-focused approach to help clients relate to their anxiety in a healthier way so that they can live their lives intentionally and meaningfully.


Depression arises for many different reasons and is closely related to how a person relates to ideas about themselves and the world. It is also influenced by lifestyle factors. Andrew works by tapping a client’s inner resources, examining their environment (past and present), and encouraging engagement with purposeful, healthy behaviours in order to addressed persistent low and/or irritable mood.

Family therapy

Andrew is an experienced family therapist, and has worked with countless families to help improve their
connectedness, establish and maintain healthy boundaries, and work through difficult transitions
together. When a young person presents with psychological, emotional or behavioural issues, Andrew
prefers to take a systemic approach. When systemic drivers of the presenting issue/s are addressed, the issues are often drastically modified or disappear altogether.


Andrew is highly experience in working with adolescents who are struggling with a range of issues,
from  identity questions, to unhealthy relationships. Andrew is particularly passionate about working with young men, to help them develop in healthy and meaningful ways, and to relate more flexibly with some traditional expectations that can lead to unhealthy experiences and ways of relating.

Long term therapy

Some people choose to engage long-term therapy, for a number of reasons. Andrew will work long-term with clients who are (a) dealing with persistent and pervasive psychological and behavioural issues that requires months or even years of support, and/or (b) pivot from therapy that has focused on addressing a presenting issue/s, to therapy the promotes positive psychological and behavioural functioning, moving from surviving to thriving.

Bi-polar disorder

The behaviours that accompany the depressive, hypomanic and manic episodes experienced by people diagnosed with bipolar disorder are typically contrary to their values. By addressing cognitive distortions, avoidance of painful emotions, and reduced awareness, Andrew can help these individuals engage in more values-aligned behaviour, which in turn, can minimise escalation into mania or descent into depression. Family support is also key for people diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and their families.

Session Fees (Available at $60 off our full session fee until mid-October):

  • $150 per full-fee session (non-peak)*
  • $160 per full-fee session (after 4 pm and Saturdays)*
  • $120 per standard concession session*
  • $160 family session (peak and non-peak)*
  • $230 per 80-minute session billed at $230*

*Medicare/Private Health rebates do not apply but have been factored into our reduced session rate.

Andrew is passionate about working with clients with these issues!

Anxiety Workplace Issues
Panic attacks School refusal
Depression Learning difficulties
Grief and loss Bullying
Unhealthy substance use and dependence Parenting
Compulsive behaviours Sexuality and gender diversity
Stress Management Psychological and psychoeducational evaluations
Anger Management


Behaviour Management