Megan Moussa

Senior Psychologist

Megan is a Senior Registered Psychologist who is passionate about working with couples, families, children (9 years and above), teens and adults with a wide range of concerns.

Megan looks forward to meeting new people and recognises that every individual deserves the space and opportunity to enrich themselves to create positive change.

Megan has well developed skills in helping clients with anxiety, depression, anger, sexual abuse, grief and loss and communications problems. Megan developed her skills working with adults working alongside doctors in a busy GP centre.

Since working in private practice Megan has extended her work to include helping couples and families. Megan is experienced in a wide range of couple concerns including conflict, communication, intimacy, parenting and post-separation parenting.

Megan is also an experienced School Counsellor helping children (9 years and above – you have a child who is younger they can work with Natalie or Unami) and teens with anxiety, depression, school issues, bullying, exam preparation and more. Megan loves working with children with autism and early intervention consultation at the Autism Association in WA. Within the Educational setting, she also has experience with educational assessments (more information about educational assessments).  

Megan’s experience also includes vocational assessments and supporting clients with workers compensation claims to promote safe and suitable return to work outcomes. Megan has worked as a rehabilitation consultant for return to work injuries.

Psychologist Profile Card Megan Moussa Aresolution

Megan is passionate about helping people with these issues!

Trauma and Post-traumatic Stress DisorderPain and Injury Management
Relationship CounsellingAutism and Early Intervention Techniques
Family TherapySelf-harm
Children and Teens (9yrs and older)Workplace Issues
DepressionSchool Bullying
AnxietySchool Refusal
ParentingGrief and Loss
Educational Assessments and Intelligence TestingInjury Management and Rehabilitation