Natalie Marques

A warm, experienced and engaging member of the Aresolution team.

Natalie is a registered psychologist who is passionate and experienced in her work children, adolescents, adults and families.

Below is a letter from Natalie to new clients:

“When we walk along our life path we may experience one or a number of stumbling blocks.  These experiences can impact our fulfillment of desired goals, values and dreams.  In some cases significant distress and difficulty can arise and limit our capacity to reach our full potential in daily life, work, relationships, parenting ability and physical health.

I like to work collaboratively with you and/or your loved ones by providing a safe, trusting and confidential environment where you can freely communicate your worries.  My curiosity about your life experiences and the development of the challenges you face are explored holistically and with respect and understanding.

My overall aim is to support you to identify your main goals or concerns, recognize the barriers that impede positive changes, develop your strengths and successfully apply skills to reach a healthy resolution.   My interventions are tailored to each individual, couple or family using a broad range of therapeutic interventions.  Throughout the therapeutic process I will support you to practice skills within the session and ask that you practice these outside of the session in a verbal, written or physiological format.  I specialize in family and couple therapy, child centered play therapy, co-morbid mental health and drug and alcohol problems and trauma.

Some people, couples or families attend for brief therapy that usually entails six to ten sessions or less whilst others need to see me for ongoing consultations throughout their lifetime.  Research shows that most issues can be resolved in 10 sessions but more complex issues such as PTSD or trauma require more. At various times you may wish to cease treatment and return at a later date depending on your situation, experiences and circumstances.

Family Work

My extensive experience working with families, couples and significant others coupled with a Post Graduate Diploma in Family and Systemic Therapy (FST) Qualification utilizing a curious and neutral stance allows me to objectively explore the interaction patterns between family members and couples experiencing marital, sibling and family discord and separation.  A positive and lasting change in family and couple dynamics is achieved by supporting families and couples to recognize the different beliefs, behaviours, communication styles and repetitive solutions that may have become ineffective and contribute to a sense of frustration and stuckness.  Furthermore, the FST approach facilitates cohesion by developing empathy and connectedness through an understanding of the differences between people, improvement of collaborative problem solving and teamwork and the generation and application of effective solutions.  Family and relationship counselling usually occurs on a fortnightly or monthly basis that enables people to reflect on ideas and apply solutions over a period to time.  The number of sessions is dependent on the presenting concerns and their complexities and can range between 6 to 20 appointments per year.

Trauma/Significant Stress

The experience of trauma or significant stressful events on children, adolescents and adults can be devastating on one’s ability to cope with daily life.  There may be a chronic sense of helplessness, panic or anxiety that persists despite your efforts to manage the symptoms.  These experiences can be linked via the neural network of images, thoughts, and emotions associated with single or multiple trauma’s and can be triggered when experiencing similar situations or events.  EMDR together with mindful CBT and ACT techniques provides a highly recommended evidence-based treatment for the resolution of these experiences.  Trained in EMDR part 1 and 2 and EMDR treatments for children I work with you to map and process the interplay of emotion, core beliefs or thoughts and triggering events/experiences whilst supporting you to apply effective coping and management skills for distress.  Resolution for children and singular trauma events can occur within 3 consultations whilst clients’ experiencing multiple distressing events or traumas’ can take much longer.

Children aged 2 to 10

For children within the 2 to 10 age range I follow the 8 principles of Child Centered Play Therapy an evidence based treatment and the philosophy that every child has an innate ability to express their innermost feelings, thoughts and challenges; to learn to modulate their feelings and behaviours; develop a positive sense of self; problem solve solutions and improve resilience in even the most challenging of situations.  The specific communication style I use supports an accepting, warm and trusting relationship with limit setting in the context of the child’s natural language of play.  The child is able to undertake the internal work that they require to heal themselves with lasting changes.  Continuity and consistency is important for children to feel safe and heal therefore sessions usually occur on a weekly basis at the same time for 45 minutes each.  The number of sessions is dependent on the nature and severity of the presenting problem/s ranging from 6 weekly consultations to weekly sessions over a period of up to 2 years.

Sleep disorders

I hold an Australian Psychological Society practice certificate in sleep psychology enabling me to help both children and adults with disordered sleep, through the assessment and management of common sleep disorders. Find out more about sleep therapy here.

The quality and quantity of sleep you gain on a daily basis can significantly impact your ability to concentrate and complete daily tasks and may even exacerbate current or chronic mental and physical health problems. Sleep disorders and problems can exist independently or in conjunction with other mental health conditions.  My work with children, adolescents and adults experiencing sleep disorders/problems involves an in depth assessment that helps me to differentiate between the various types of sleep, mental health and physical health problems.   Educational material and a cognitive behavioural therapy approach enables me to provide information about sleep disorders and strategies such as light therapy and sleep restriction techniques to help improve your sleep patterns.  During the course of therapy I may ask you to complete worksheets and practical tasks and identify thoughts, feelings and behaviours that need modification.  I work collaboratively with you to identify barriers to change and identify practical plans that you are able to implement.  Lastly I will assist you to identify a relapse prevention plan to help you maintain lasting changes.  In some cases pharmacotherapy treatments through your GP or referral to a sleep clinic may be required.  The number of sessions range from 2 to 20 consultations and depend on the severity, length of time the problem has been in your life and whether other untreated conditions exist.

Other therapies

I have extensive experience providing an eclectic approach to adolescent and adult treatment with co-morbid mental health and drug and alcohol presentations.  I work with clients to identify collaborative goals that may include reducing panic, anxiety, depression, procrastination, low motivation and drug or alcohol problems.  I help you to identify the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that trigger the symptoms and the vulnerabilities that affect your experiences of these symptoms.  I also help you to recognize the relationship between these components whilst working toward improving resilience and achievement of your valued life goals.  Focused treatments for social anxiety or specific phobias can include graduated exposures that are collaboratively developed and applied within and outside of the therapy room whilst Dialectical behavioural therapy techniques and interpersonal therapy for personality disorder diagnoses are also available.  The number of consultations is dependent on the number, severity and length of time the presenting problems have been present and can be discussed with me during the initial assessment.

Toward the end of your journey with me I will support you to develop a relapse prevention plan that will help you to stay on track and maintain the positive changes you have made.

Natalie is passionate about working with clients’ with these issues!

Trauma and PTSDFamily therapy
Stress, Panic, and AnxietyChild Therapy and Play Therapy (2 to 18)
Grief and lossFamily separation
Personality disorders (including BPD)Treatment reports for Motor Vehicle Accident Claims (ICWA)
AngerDepartment of Veteran Affairs (DVA)
Sleep DisordersWorkplace issues
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)Bi-polar Disorder

Professional Skills/Techniques

  • An eclectic and collaborative approach to therapy that is tailored to the individuals’ needs and presenting concerns.
  • Practice certificate in sleep psychology
  • Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy for children, adolescents and adults.
  • Systemic and Family Therapy for individuals’, couples and families.
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT).
  • Trained in the use of motivational interviewing and client centred, interpersonal, solution focused, narrative, cognitive behavioural and acceptance and commitment therapy.


  • Registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia
  • Bachelor of Arts Psychology (Edith Cowan University)
  • Minor in Addictions studies (Edith Cowan University)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology (Murdoch University)
  • Australian Association of Family Therapy Accredited Postgraduate course in Systemic and Family Therapy (Systemic Consultation Centre Perth)
  • Certificate of Alcohol and Other Drug Counselling (Curtin)
  • Certified SMART Recovery Australia Facilitator
  • APS Practice Certificate in Sleep Psychology

Professional Affiliations

  • Member of the Australian Psychological Society
  • Member of the Australian Association of Family Therapy
  • Member of the EMDR Association of Australia