Nick Averbuj

Clinical Psychologist Registrar

My name’s Nick and I am a Registered Psychologist and Clinical Psychology Registrar. I specialise in working with people who want to find the underlying causes of their issues so they make lasting changes in their lives.

I employ a person-centred, psychodynamic approach, which is psychology jargon for saying: a) that I recognise your uniqueness as a person: that you’re not just symptoms to be “fixed”, and b) that we can focus on the historical or emotional or thinking processes underlying your symptoms.

The people who have found working with me most rewarding are those who feel they are “stuck” in some pattern of distress. This can come out in a number of diagnosable disorders, but my focus is on your experience.

Working with individuals

So, a lot of my work revolves around people may have felt one of these things at some point in their life:

  • They have lost a sense of identity/meaning (or are struggling to find one);
  • Who have suffered trauma(s) and can’t seem to get past it;
  • They feel worried or weak and can’t pinpoint why,
  • The way they think is too rigid (or have a compulsion to do certain things);
  • They need to communicate better in their relationship(s);
  • They realise there have issues interacting with others which makes their life difficult;
  • They have strong feelings they can’t control (but want to);
  • They often think about killing themselves;
  • And a long list of other things that revolve around anxiety, trauma, depression, identity crisis and issues within families.

I work with one on one, with couples, groups and families.

If you work with me you will find that I’m genuine, non-judgmental and open. While my education – B.A.(Philosophy Hons.), B.Litt.(Int. Relations), B.Psych(Hons.), MAppPsych(Clinical) – provides an evidence-based frame for the way I practice, I consider my work an extension of who I am.

I consider my personal and professional development to be synonymous: being a psychologist was a natural progression from my drive for self-awareness and a passion for helping others with theirs. I continue to undertake my own therapy and psychoanalysis, as this exploration of my own unconscious adds to my personal and professional life. I also seek regular supervision from an experienced Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst, as this provides a greater professional insight into the way I’m working.

Lastly, I recognise that there are a number of tools that have been shown to improve people’s mental states. As well as traditional “talk therapy” I like to use a tailored approach depending on what you need or work best with. This can mean looking at: nutrition, exercise, physical symptoms, lifestyle, spirituality, work patterns, relationships, communication styles, avenues of meditation/relaxation and many others. In short, I look forward to meeting new clients and finding the things that will help you lead a more fulfilling life.

Working with couples and families

Nick loves to work with couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships such as conflict, communication, addiction, breaches of trust and intimacy issues. His approach to working with couples is communication focused and psychodynamic. His aim is to help you build a deeper connection and understanding of yourself and your partner. Nick believes that bringing hidden feelings to the consciousness, is an important part of resolving present difficulties.

Nick’s approach to family counselling is to assist with improving communication and understanding of individuals and the family unit. A psychodynamic approach to family therapy focuses on unconscious processes and unresolved conflicts but views them in the context of family relationships. Nick can assist with parenting, teen issues, blended families and more.

The issues I am experienced and passionate about working with are:

Childhood traumaAnxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder
Relationship difficultiesLife transition difficulties
Low self-esteemNarcissism
ParentingSelf-harm or suicidality
Separation/divorceLack of motivation
Blended familiesAttachment issues
Adjustment disordersPhobias
DepressionGrief and Loss
Eating disordersPersonality disorders