Lawyer Assisted Mediation Process Perth

Fast-Track your Parenting and Financial Agreements

Separation can be difficult enough without the added complication of a drawn-out and expensive settlement process. You can reach agreements, ready to be lodged with the Family Court, within a 2-Day mediation process.

Across 2 days you’ll have a mutual agreement about:

› Property settlement

› Monies and any other financial details

› Your children’s care arrangements (if applicable), and,

› Completed Court Order applications and agreements (if you choose to proceed)

Why have a fragmented, drawn-out, and costly process, when you can streamline both parenting and property matters to reach agreement across 2 days?

It could take months to attend a Court hearing, and sometimes over 2 years to be able to move on with your separate lives. This takes it’s toll on many levels – financially, emotionally, and with your relationships.

The longer it takes to resolve, the more it costs!

This is your opportunity to cut through the lengthy delays and start living your life.

Announcing the Lawyer-Assisted Mediation Process (LAMP). Essentially it is a mediation process with you, your ex-partner, your respective family lawyers, and a professional mediator for the purpose of quickly reaching mutual agreement.

What is the 2-Day LAMP®?

The 2-Day LAMP is a mediation process that involves collaboration between a mediator, parties (you, your ex- partner and/or significant others), and representing lawyers; to work toward sustainable agreements for Parenting Matters and Financial Divisions.

How is 2-DAY LAMP® useful for you?

If you are separated, or in the process of separating, and need to make decisions regarding your children’s well-being and care, and your finances, the 2-DAY LAMP® can assist:

› Where trust has been damaged, and there is a concern about committing to agreements reached, informed consent, and/or making the best possible decision for your circumstance;

› People looking for a short-term or “quick” process;

› Situations where parenting arrangements and financial separation are likely to be entwined;

› Where there is concern about financial support and the future of the child/ren (e.g. private schooling; dental and medical costs; special needs and support for child/ren);

› For concerns related to lifestyle changes that your child /ren are used to;

› If you have a complex asset pool – commercial / property /family law applies;

› For relocation issues

› People residing ‘under the same roof’

› Recently separated parents that have care arrangements or expectations that are not reflective of the child’s best interests particularly when young children are involved.

How can you benefit?

› All parties, including the solicitors are invested in reaching agreement within a short time frame;

› You will avoid the unnecessary cost associated with prolonged legal correspondence;

› Everybody gets to hear the same information first hand at the same time;

› You work within a transparent process;

› You hear each other’s legal and personal perspective first hand and avoid “hearsay” or messages being misinterpreted through the communication channel;

› You come away more confident that the decisions reached are going to be accepted in the Family Court.


Spans across 2 days where:

› Parenting arrangements can be divided into 2 half days, and a full day for financial division or; a full day each for both parenting and financial matters;

› A mediation process that is very useful for complex, intertwined property and parenting matters and clients would benefit from a streamlined process;

› A solution-based resolution intervention that is cost-effective and conducted in a timely manner, preventing ongoing emotional and financial stress;

› A collaboration of professionals to work toward sustainable agreements that is then managed directly by the advisory team. Lawyers can be involved in creating realistic and workable outcomes.

Why use the 2-Day LAMP®?

LAMP offers the opportunity for you to work in close collaboration with your legal representatives and your mediator in the mandated family dispute resolution process.

Lawyers can help you to set realistic expectations regarding the likely outcome of court proceedings and negotiate matters in line with Family Law Act.

Mediation outcomes are more likely to be followed through, are more sustainable, and you are more likely to commit to your decisions.

Disclaimer: Some matters may require more than 2 days to reach agreement.

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