Conflict culture index

Conflict in the workplace occurs when there are different values about what work should be done, how it should be done, what individual needs are acceptable and which ways of satisfying personal goals are acceptable. People often blame conflict at work on ‘personality clashes’ but rarely does the conflict within an organisation occur in a vacuum. There is often a combination of organisational and interpersonal factors at play. Thus, conflict can be the result of two main factors: task related factors and people related factors both of which, the organisation can be considered to be responsible for.

Workplace conflict causes loss of productivity, distractions, and employee dissatisfaction. However, management can produce positive results by paying attention to and addressing the true causes of conflict in their organizations. On the other hand, conflict improves decision making outcomes, especially on task-related conflict and group productivity by increasing the quality through constructive criticism and individuals adopting a devil’s advocate role.

Task factors

In order to achieve maximum organisational results, projects must be well conceived, meticulously planned (including proper allocation of resources), carefully implemented and evaluating leading to their successful fruition.

People factors

In order to effectively manage conflict within an organisation people need have the skills to manage interpersonal relationships and disagreements and strategies to manage grievances. Most importantly, they need to be valued as an individual and well inducted into the organisational culture.

What is the Organisational Resolution Culture Index?

The Organisational Resolution Culture Index provides and assessment of a total of 8 task and people related factors that may contribute to organisational conflict. The instrument is designed to be completed by human resource and management level staff and a sample of employees in order to give the best indication of organisational health.

Task factors include: How well does your organisation assess needs, plan work, implement plans, evaluate performance and provide sufficient resources.

People factors include: How well people manage relationships, use conflict resolution skills and are motivated by the organisation.


How to complete the organisational resolution culture index?

You are able to access the Organisational Resolution Culture Index and get access to a SAMPLE report for free here. (please note you will have access to a sample only)

If you would like to undertake an organisational assessment this is available at a cost of $77.00/pp (minimum booking of 10 people) and $660.00 per report.

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