Sensitive Bullying and Harassment Investigations

A resolution offers a comprehensive bullying and harassment investigation service. Bullying and harassment investigations are carried out by Heidi Smith.

With nearly 67% of employee bullying investigations resulting in a complaint being found to be unsubstantiated, 25% of managers leaving the organisation and a significant number of the accused experiencing depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and suicidal ideation, the process of investigations needs to be handled with the utmost sensitivity to your organisation and your staff.

There are two sides to every story. All employees deserve respect and deserve to have someone listen to their story, no matter how ‘obvious’ the outcome appears from the initial complaint.

Our psychologists aim to be an extension of your organisation and human resources department. Your HR staff are not trained as police investigators and neither are our staff.

We will treat your staff and the investigation complaint with the utmost respect and objectivity, all interviews are objective, explore all necessary questions to establish the facts of a case to support/disprove both the complainant and the respondents version of events.

Decisions are made at the end, after it is established whether events more likely than not occurred and we analyse the credibility of the witnesses.

It is really important to choose an experienced investigator to manage your staff and the investigation process with integrity and sensitivity to your employees and organisation.

We aim to complete your investigation in a timely manner, we can fully support your organisation through every step of the process beginning with the gathering of a complainant statement, preparation of an allegation letter, conducting interviews, collecting documents and preparing the investigation findings and assisting with recommendations.

We have worked extensively with clients in the Health and Not For Profit Sector including Nursing, Foster Care, Outreach Centers, Behavioural Therapists, Psychology and Aged Care.

Heidi Smith has extensive experience in the Health and Not For Profit Sector. However, we have experience with dealing with both government and private sector clients and complaints involving workers, managers and senior executives. Our employee investigations are based in Perth, Western Australia, but we service interstate and international clients as well.

Heidi Smith is an organisational psychologist and single expert witness for Court.


Our investigation specialty is to not only deal with matters of evidence related to misconduct, harassment, bullying or discrimination but to provide insight into the underlying causes of the complaint such as management style, cultural issues, procedural issues and more.

Your organisation will achieve resolution through professional engagement, assessment and intervention/recommendation for strategies. We also offer workplace mediation to help overcome possible disputes.

We can help you manage your bullying and harassment investigation

We always operate in an unbiased, professional and sensitive manner.

A resolution has significant experience in working with clients who have received allegations such as bullying or harassment, but who also have a complex system of interpersonal relationship issues.

Our employee bullying investigations utilise a multidisciplinary approach including interviews, conflict coaching, and online culture assessment. Your bullying investigation can involve the immediate employees or your whole department or workforce.

The following is a list of issues we have experience in handling:

  • Grievance following performance review/management
  • Accusation of bullying
  • Accusation of victimisation after an absence
  • Long-term absence post-performance management
  • Interpersonal dispute between two senior colleagues
  • Performance management and accusation of bullying


Our workplace investigations or enquiries can involve the immediate employees or your whole department or workforce.


Heidi Smith is a senior organisational psychologist and workplace investigator. Heidi has strong experience in human resource management with experience in conflict management, bullying, harassment, worker’s compensation, organisational design and development, policy and procedure, performance management, grievance resolution and employee disputes.

Our team can help workplaces investigate matters quickly, effectively and fairly. We have a strong understanding of stress, organisational culture and structure, bullying and harassment and performance management issues.

Heidi has carried out bullying investigations in the not-for-profit and private sector in Perth, and has extensive experience in the health sector. Heidi developed regulatory experience as a professional officer psychology at the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and has worked extensively with clients in the health sector including nursing, foster care, outreach centres, behavioural therapists, psychology and aged care.

For more information on our bullying or harassment investigations within Perth, call us today on 08 6555 7786.


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