Management and Leadership Coaching

A resolution leadership coaching cultivates a leadership change that evolves authentically from the inside out.

Management and Leadership coaching is emerging as the development vehicle of choice to create more effective business leadership and drive harmony, effectiveness and productivity in the workplace.

Leadership coaching to take your performance to the next level.

Management or leadership coaching is designed to create a positive effect on valued behaviours, e.g. leadership and emotional intelligence behaviours, which, in turn, appear to influence positively outcomes such as employee engagement and organisational climate, both of which are associated with superior business performance.

Leadership coaching requires more than just skill development, it requires leaders to undergo internal growth, a profound shift in thinking to gain a deeper understanding about themselves, their world and their relationship with people.

We can tailor a management or leadership coaching package to suit an individual skill level. Someone may need help with management skills, such as organisation or time management. Whereas, someone else may need to learn leadership skills such as how to motivate and create enthusiasm to make things happen.

Why do people use leadership coaching?

  • To grow personally and professionally
  • To deal with conflict with people at work
  • To explore, reflect and make decisions about change.
  • To reflect on best practice in terms of communication, working relationships and improve team morale and work.
  • To improve leadership skills, business behaviour and better results
  • To develop your full leadership potential

Our interventions include

  • Conversations about work, life and career
  • Conversations about what it really means to be a leader and finding your passion and purpose
  • Individual leadership assessment and 360 feedback
  • Communication and conflict resolution skills training
  • Performance management training
  • Bullying and harassment training

How much does leadership coaching cost?

Leadership coaching is quite affordable at $230/hr plus GST and any personality/leadership assessments undertaken.

Most leaders schedule their session fortnightly and attend up to 20 session per year.

Stories of achievement and success

‘ Sarah received a bullying and harassment allegation against her, the allegation was found to be true in part but also consisted of slander. Unfortunately, Sarah was demoted from her role as team manager for her health service team. As part of the remedial action Sarah was required to undergo leadership coaching. Sarah was reluctant at first and did not see the need for change or any issues in her behaviour. Sarah was dismayed because of the demotion. She was ready to quit but the coach helped her to come to terms with the allegation, set goals for change and regain her motivation. Sarah also identified personal blockages that were holding her back from achieving her full potential in the coaching process. By the end of the process Sarah moved from a demoted manager with a bullying allegation against her to an up and rising manager with a plan to inspire and drive her team to the next level.’

‘A Not for Profit organisation employed the leadership coaching services of A resolution to help restore harmony in the workplace, re-unite the team and create a common vision and goal. A resolution helped the management team to move beyond the day to day operations and move them into what it takes to lead an organisation with a clear vision.’

‘ Two business partners decided to go on a leadership development journey to improve their relationship. Over the preceding few years the business partners had worked less and less together and in a disjointed and conflictual way. Resentment and stress was building and interfering with their ability to retain staff, increase turnover and maintain a happy home life. Because conflict and relationships with staff was a key theme for their issues they decided to jointly develop their leadership skills so they can improve their working relationship and also their relationships with staff. Within weeks stress and anxiety directed towards each other reduced, they gained conflict resolution and communication skills and after 3 months they were able to increase performance and productivity of their team just by working together.’

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