Workplace engagement and organisational culture survey

Do you know if your employees are checked in or checked out?

Employee engagement is an important driver of your organisation’s success.

When employees are engaged there is a positive workplace culture that drives productivity and motivates staff to create satisfied and loyal customers.

An organisational culture survey reveals the culture of a workplace and highlights the areas of success and provides advice for areas of improvement. Results from the survey will assist you in identifying areas that need recovery and allow your company to set benchmarks for it’s goals.

Conducting the employee engagement survey will demonstrate dedication and a desire to better your workplace. Knowing the results of the survey will help you enforce ideals of a healthy and positive workplace culture on the areas that need attention.

In a workplace with a positive culture, employees will come to work regularly and turnover rates will diminish. There will be fewer workplace conflicts and better communication. An increase in personal standards and employee motivation will result in less time spent solving problems and more time spent working.

Employee Engagement Survey Features

  • Identify areas to improve employee well being, engagement and performance
  • Assists you in setting benchmarks for improvement
  • Track the effectiveness of your workplace interventions
  • Demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to improving your workplace

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