Anger Management

Anger Management Counselling for Applecross & South Perth Residents

Our psychologists work with people across Applecross, South Perth and surrounding areas, who are court ordered to attend anger management counselling, asked by friends or relatives or who have come to their own decision that they would like to start feeling happier and less frustrated with life.

Do you sometimes have trouble controlling your temper?
Have you ever become angry and then regretted your actions?
Have you ever lost control of your anger and become violent or abusive?
Do people comment on your anger?

Anger is a normal human emotion and feeling angry is ok. However, it is how we respond to and act upon those angry feelings and emotions that can have a negative impact on your life. Expressing your anger in a violent, abusive and/or negative way can have a detrimental effect on your relationships. Anger does not have to be physically abusive to be destructive.

Anger is a result of frustration and feeling blocked in certain areas of your life. Left to fester, anger can destroy relationships and significantly impact your career. It can have a serious effect on the behaviour of your children and cause serious problems in your day to day life if not managed correctly.

Anger management is a psycho-therapeutic technique used to deploy anger successfully and regain control of your emotional state. As anger is a natural human emotion, it can allow you to realise the underlying cause of your anger and make the changes necessary to regain balance and calm in your life.

Our psychologists use this technique successfully to support those suffering from anger management issues across Applecross, South Perth and surrounding Perth areas. We want to help you regain control in your life.

How do I manage my anger and regain control of my life?

How much of your anger is playing a part in your life? Are you constantly angry with loved ones? The first step to managing your anger is acknowledging that it is playing a role in your day to day life. If you are noticing that your children become irritated when you are short tempered or your friends are taking note of your anger, then it might be time to speak to someone who can help you manage your anger levels through various methodologies, including:
  • Keeping an anger journal.
  • Seeking feedback from loved ones.
  • Manage the situation with humour.
  • Recognize the root cause of the issue and where the anger stems from.

When you find yourself in a constant state of turmoil and notice your behaviour is constantly being fuelled by anger, then it is time to seek a counsellor. If you can’t manage your anger alone, then a psychologist or counsellor can help you understand the causes and help you to develop strategies to manage your anger. They can also provide you with the skills to better communicate with your partner and work colleagues.

Why Choose A resolution Applecross Anger Management Counselling?

A resolution psychologists in Applecross will provide you with the support and compassion you have been looking for when it comes to anger management. We will help you find the real underlying problems that are causing you to feel angry, frustrated and blocked. We aim to provide you with a private and comfortable setting, ensuring you feel open to express your emotions without fear or judgement. Contact us now.

Can you assist with Court ordered anger management sessions?

We can assist with Court ordered anger management sessions. Please bring a copy of your orders (provided the Court has provided permission for you to share them) to your session with your psychologist.

Anger Management Team

Megan Moosa
Registered Psychologist

Megan has worked with a wide range of clients experiencing anger management concerns. She adopts an integrative CBT and IPT approach to build awareness and insight of physiological symptoms, underlying thoughts and emotions, and to implement behavioural and assertive communication strategies. She uses a combination of cognitive-behavioural therapy and also EMDR  to help clients with techniques to manage anger and insight and resolution of the underlying causes of the emotional turmoil.

Find out more about Laima Kuliukas

Katherine Shanhun
Senior Psychologist

Katherine is a Senior Psychologist with over 12 years pscyhology experience. She works with a range of issues including anger management, relationship issues, trauma, mood disorders and family discord. Katherine’s approach to Anger Management is primarily Cognitive – Behavioural Therapy in focus but she also likes to integrate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and also Eye-movement desensitisation reprocessing therapy (EMDR) for emotional regulation.

Heidi Smith
Principal Psychologist

Heidi has over Heidi has over 12 year’s experience in counselling. Her areas of interest include anger management, parenting, relationship conflict, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Heidi’s approach to anger management is also cognitive behavioural therapy focused but she also integrates mindfulness, physiological anger tracking (through the use of Spire breathing tracking apps) and also Eye-movement desensitisation reprocessing (EMDR) to deal with the emotional aspects of anger.
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Our appointments are either 50 mins or 80 minutes of face-to-face time (i.e., time you meet with your psychologist). The remainder of the session is to make notes and prepare for your next session, this ensures that our sessions start on the hour or half hour. Initial individual appointments are 50 mins and couple or family appointments are generally 80 minutes.

Everyone’s journey is different however, it generally takes about 3 sessions to establish your concerns, discuss a bit of the history of the problem and agree on how you and your therapist will work together and what you will work on. Basic anger management skills training may be completed in between 6 to 10 sessions but it may be longer for those with other underlying issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, bi-polar and more. For depression/anxiety a minimum of 6 – 14 sessions may be required, for PTSD this may be up to 24 sessions (for complex PTSD) for couple’s experiencing a lot of conflict this can be around 16-24 sessions.

In the beginning you will need see your therapist weekly to establish your therapy and build some traction. This takes a minimum of 3 sessions we recommend you book these in on your first appointment. After this, therapy needs to be paced according to your issues, the therapy style your therapist is using and even your financial considerations. Some people come fortnightly, others monthly.
Once you book an appointment its yours. We encourage you to keep your appointments to avoid delays in booking new ones and to speak with our team members about discontinuing therapy. If there is no way you can make it please call reception to reschedule.

If there is no way you can make a skype session and you need to change or cancel an appointment, please provide at least 48 hours notice otherwise there are cancellation fees.

All of our team members are registered psychologists so you are able to claim Medicare or Private Health Fund rebates (you can only claim one or the other per session). Medicare provides a rebate of either $84.80 or $124.50 back per session for up to 10 sessions per calendar year provided you have a Mental Health Plan drafted by your GP and a referral letter to any psychologist. After the initial 6 sessions you need to return to your GP for a review to access the final 4 for the calendar year. Private health rebates are available provided you have cover for psychology.

We offer appointments between the hours of 9 am and 7pm Monday to Friday and 9 am to 2 pm on Saturday. Individual psychologist availability varies, please contact reception for more information.

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