When someone you love betrays your trust it can cause significant issues in your relationship. Feeling hurt, alone and angry are common feelings you may experience when you find out your partner has had an affair. It may seem that life as you know it can change overnight, affecting your sleep, work performance and your overall general health and wellbeing. An affair can cause emotional distress and leave you feeling uncertain about your future.
While not everyone can move past the hurt and betrayal that an affair can bring. Relationships can move past even the toughest test of infidelity.
Here are some effective tips to help you move past an affair:

Communication is Key- Talk Openly and Honestly

Suppressing your feelings will only lead to more emotional stress and trauma. The best thing you can do is be honest and open about your feelings. To do this, we recommend speaking to someone you can trust. This person may be your spouse but a specialist or a counsellor can also offer a non-judgemental and compassionate approach as you open up about how you’re feeling.

Look at the reasons for having an affair

While this can be confrontational question. It’s important to look a little deeper to the underlying reasons why someone has chosen to have an affair and how we may have played a part to why it happened. Once these reasons are more apparent, you can normally work through them and move to a better place in your relationship.

Choosing to get help

The memories of what occurred can be difficult to move past. Talking to someone will help the memories go away. Your counsellor will talk to you and suggest methods to get over the affair that will help you overcome these feelings of mistrust, hurt and anger.

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