Workplace Bullying and Harassment Training Perth

Workplace bullying and harassment training and management

Our training and consultation services can help you prevent, manage and respond to workplace bullying and harassment claims.

We can help your employees understand the difference between reasonable management action and a bullying and harassment allegation. This could save you thousands in investigation costs and legal costs.

A resolution bullying and harassment management services include:

  1. Bullying and harassment training for employees (in-house)
  2. Bullying and harassment management training for managers (in-house)
  3. Policy and procedure development – a comprehensive, legally compliant policy and procedure manual or assistance with the code of behaviour, disciplinary policy, bullying and harassment police etc.
  4. Grievance management and investigation (training and consulting)
  5. Organisational culture assessment
  6. Performance management and disciplinary training

We can help you with a comprehensive bullying and harassment management strategy.

The objectives of our workplace bullying and harassment training for employees:

  • Identify bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • Identify bullying behaviours
  • What is and what is NOT bullying
  • What is reasonable management action?
  • Bullying and harassment legislation
  • How will bullying and harassment be investigated?
  • How does bullying and harassment link to the disciplinary policy?
  • How to make a bullying and harassment complaint

Please contact us for a quote and overview of workshop objectives

Perth bullying and harassment seminars starting from $190 per person.


Our next public workshop is Wednesday 25th August 2021

Fees for the public workshop are $350 plus GST per person.

Registrations and payments finalised by July 31st are eligible for a 5% discount.

In-house Workshops (2hrs)*$2100 plus GST
In-house Workshops (4hrs)*$3200 plus GST
Public Workshop (3 hrs)* $350 per person plus GST

*in house workshops include up to 12 people additional staff members are $150 plus GST each. 7 days notice required for cancellations, non attendance and reschedules, 50% deposit due and 50% workshop fees due on day prior to completion.

In-house workshop fees excludes room hire, catering, manuals, books & personality assessments (if applicable), travel over 50Km from Perth CBD.

Public workshop fees include venue, handouts and morning tea.

Public Venue is 42 Ardross St Applecross, WA

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