Work Cover Psychologist and Insurance Commission ICWA

Work Cover and ICWA Psychologist Services

Psychologists providing counselling under Work Cover and Motor Vehicle Insurance System (ICWA) in Perth.

If you have been injured at work or in the course of carrying out your work you may require the services of a Psychologist as part of your recovery. Individual treatment sessions may be private or encompass the workers compensation or insurance commission of Western Australia (ICWA) in Western Australia.

We have extensive experience working with Work Cover claims or ICWA. In WA Work Cover ad ICWA, your GP,Comcare or ICWA may refer you to a Psychologist once your claim has been approved. These sessions are time-limited and the number of sessions is determined by the Agency after assessing your claim.  Successful claims will result in the cost of your sessions being covered by Work Cover, ICWA or Comcare.

Plaase be advised that in order to access our psychological services you must have an approved claim AND also specific approval for psychological treatment.

We can assist with:

  • Mental health conditions associated with physical injury/pain
  • Mental health conditions associated with trauma
  • Mental health conditions arising out of workplace stress
  • Mental health conditions in relation to trauma/stress

Mental Health claims and Work Cover and ICWA

We understand that Psychological injury remains a major source of lost time and compensation cost in the Comcare/Work Cover scheme. If someone is off work due to mental ill health, what might begin as a temporary incapacity for work can drift into longer-term disability, disadvantage and unemployment.

Our work with you help you to not only recover from the psychological pain that you are experiencing but to help you rebuild a sense of purpose, productivity and meaning which is essential for holistic recovery.

Work loss due to mental ill health has costs for the individual, their families and communities. In addition, the cost to government and business are cumulative and include absenteeism, reduced productivity and higher workers’ compensation premiums.

We can work with GP’s to help assess worker’s capacity, coordinate return to work, empower people and overcome barriers and risks to return to work.

Making an Insurance Commission Psychology Claim or Work Cover Psychology Claim

When booking your appointment, please let us know if you have an insurance claim and provide a copy of your claim within 48hrs of making your booking if you would like us to bill your insurer directly.

This evidence could be an email saying something like, “We will fund 6 Psychology sessions at WorkCover rates on a without prejudice basis”.

If you do not provide this approval evidence then you must pay for your session on the day and claim it back from your insurer using the invoice we give you.

Please email a copy of your Work Cover/ICWA/Comcare claim with 48hrs of your booking to admin at (email prose altered to avoid spammers).

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