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Welcome to Aresolution Counselling, Mediation and Workplace services.

I am really passionate about helping people reach a resolution and improve their life and wellbeing. I have a strong background in Science, Psychology, Mediation, Relationships and Organisational Psychology and I have created a practice with an exceptional team that provides these services

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    Relationship Counselling Perth and Applecross

    Professional Relationship Counselling in Perth. Experienced psychologists with a passion for helping couple's improve their relationships. Experience in helping with conflict, communication, trust issues, substance use, infidelity, alcohol use and more..

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    Megan Moussa

    Senior Psychologist Megan is a passionate and dedicated therapist that looks forward to working with you to address issues related to depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, trauma, and other mental ...

    Francisca Lessa

    Provisional PsychologistSpanish and English speaking Psychotherapist and Provisional PsychologistFrancisca Lessa is a provisional psychologist trained in psychology in Uruguay, South America. ...

    Perth Counsellors, Mediation and Workplace Specialists

    Aresolution is the place for individuals, couples and families across Perth to come together and reach a solution. We strive to help those in the identification, resolution and management of matters affecting their wellbeing, and their ability to live life to the fullest. Our specialist counsellors and mediators work to help people through a variety of matters with their personalised approaches and experienced backgrounds.

    Counselling and Psychology Services

    The counselling services that we provide have the aim to create an environment where you feel safe and nurtured in order to overcome life’s challenges. We want to help you reach a purposeful and positive outcome with our guidance and support. Counselling can be used as a way to help you improve your life and relationships.

    We widen these services to include counselling and psychology service towards:

    Our counsellor’s work with those in Fremantle, Applecross, Mount Pleasant and across Perth.

    Family Mediation and Property Dispute Resolution

    This service helps those in a situation where there may be a family separation. We can help you with parenting and property disputes through our unbiased, third party approach.

    Workplace Investigation and Mediation

    Our workplace mediators look to improve working relations throughout Perth to find resolutions in a number of matters, including those arising from personality clashes, bullying and different perceptions of management action in relation to performance, capability and absence. Our workplace investigators are also able to investigate serious issues relating to misconduct, harassment, bullying or discrimination.

    To find out more about our variety of services, get in touch today.

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    We are proud sponsors of the Smith Family a children's charity helping disadvantaged Australian children to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves