Workplace and Employee Investigations

Specialised workplace investigations services for the Health and Not for Profit Sector.


Our investigation speciality is to not only deal with matters of evidence related to misconduct, harassment, bullying or discrimination but to provide insight into the underlying causes of the the complaint such as management style, cultural issues, procedural issues and more.

We have worked extensively with clients in the health and not-for-profit sector including nursing, foster care, outreach centres, behavioural therapists, psychology and aged care.

If you have currently received a complaint but think that this may be a complex issue then our employee and workplace investigations service in Perth can benefit you.

We can assist with either informal or complex investigations into matters relating to misconduct, discrimination, bullying or harassment.

As an Organisational Psychologist, Heidi Smith, lead HR investigator specialises in the Health and Not For Profit Sector. However, we have experience with dealing with both government and private sector clients and complaints involving workers, managers and senior executives. Our employee investigations are based in Perth, Western Australia, but we service interstate and international clients as well.


Workplace investigations conducted by Aresolution follow best practice principles, resulting in a comprehensive report with informed recommendations. This can be followed by ongoing support from an Organisational Psychologist.

It can be difficult to find a workplace investigator you can trust to carry out your employee investigations in accordance with best practice principles. All of our investigators strive for procedural fairness and display sensitivity to your employees and workplace culture at all times.

Workplace Assessments

We can help you to assess the dynamic of your workplace or team. The assessment results can help you with a strategy to improve working relationship by addressing organisational and individual issues and prevent formal complaints.

In our experience, clients in the Health and Human Services Sector are often looking for information about the causal factors.


Our clients choose Aresolution’s organisational psychologists because they are not only able to assess the veracity of your work-related allegation, but they are very aware of your organisational culture structure, policies, procedures and objectives.

We also offer workplace mediation. Our workplace mediators specialise in working with clients who have received allegations such as misconduct, worker’s compensation or bullying and harassment but also have a complex system of interpersonal relationship issues.

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Heidi Smith Senior Workplace Investigator

DSCF9138Heidi Smith is a Senior Organisational Psychologist and Workplace Investigator. Heidi has strong experience in Human Resource Management specialising in conflict management, bullying and harassment, grievance resolution, worker’s compensation, organisational design and development, policy and procedure, performance management and employee disputes.

Heidi helps workplaces investigate matters quickly, effectively and fairly. As an experienced Organisational Psychologist Heidi has a strong understanding of stress, organisational culture and structure, bullying and harassment and performance management issues.

Heidi has carried out investigations in the Human Services, Not-for-Profit and Private Sector and has extensive experience in the Health sector. Heidi developed Regulatory experience as a Professional Officer Psychology at the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and has worked extensively with clients in the Health Sector including Nursing, Foster Care, Outreach Centers, Behavioural Therapists, Psychology and Aged Care.

Our workplace investigation approach

Ourworkplaceinvestigations utilise a multidisciplinary approach including interviews, conflict coaching, and online culture assessment. Our investigation can involve the immediate employees or your whole department or workforce.

Your organisation will achieve resolution through professional engagement, assessment and intervention/recommendation for strategies.

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