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Adolescence can be a difficult time for both the teenager and their parents to navigate. The combination of school stress, friendship drama, hormones and big emotions can feel extremely overwhelming. Adolescent and teenage counseling can provide a safe space outside of your teens immediate family and friend circles to be listened to non- judgmentally and explore their current difficulties.

Sessions are driven primarily by the teen, however the psychologist can provide some direction if the teen is unsure about what to discuss. Goals for therapy will be explored in the initial sessions, and will be focussed on throughout the sessions. We hope to achieve as many/ all of the goals identified by the end of therapy. In achieving these goals, teens are required to be active participants in session, as well completing homework (e.g. practicing skills, noticing emotions and thoughts) outside of session. This commitment will ensure your teen gets the most out of therapy and move towards feeling more mentally healthy.

How can we help?

Therapy can help your teen build comfort in speaking about their current stressors, emotions and concerns. It can help them develop a better understanding of their emotions, thoughts and behaviours. In doing this, teens can learn how to identify their emotions and how to regulate these emotions so they don’t feel as overwhelming as they once did.

  • Therapy with your teen can be aimed at multiple stressors such as:
  • Study/ work stress
  • Friendship difficulty
  • Family conflict
  • Self- esteem/ self- worth difficulties
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

In order to gain a better understanding of your teens current difficulties, we will either organise a dedicated ‘parent session’ or invite the parent(s) into the first session for the first 15-20 minutes. We will ask questions to understand your teens developmental history, mental health history in the family and your perception of your teens current difficulties. Following this initial interaction with the parents, the remaining sessions will mainly be between the teen and their psychologist, however we will engage with parents when necessary.

Adolescent and teen counselling team

Megan Moussa
Senior Psychologist

With several years’ experience as a School Counsellor, Megan brings a depth of experience to her work with teens and their families. Megan has significant experience with child and teen issues including those with learning difficulties.

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Keara Wood

Keara has four years of therapeutic experience with both youth and adults at a government agency and works with a range of therapies with people aged 10 and above. Keara is an experienced youth access worker, youth camp facilitator and teacher’s aide.

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Sarah George-Crljenko

Sarah is a psychologist with experience in the NDIS and also as a school counsellor. She has always been passionate about working with individuals, adults, children (aged 8 and over) and their families, promoting healthy relationships and behavioural management techniques.

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Namrata Makhijini

With over 4 years of experience as a psychologist working with youth at Head Space, Namrata brings solid youth experience to matters such as anxiety, depression and complex trauma.

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Our main office is located in Applecross Community Village at Unit 7, 42 Ardross Street. You can find us above the Messy Munchies Cafe and can access our offices via our private rear entry at the top of the white staircase. We also have a second office located at Reynolds Road Medical Centre above the Woolworths at Level 1, 39 Reynolds Road, Mount Pleasant. We are conveniently located off the Kwinana Freeway (Canning Highway exit). Nearby suburbs include South Perth, Como, Booragoon, Victoria Park, Mount Pleasant, Rossmoyne, Willetton, and more.

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