Applecross Community Psychologists

Session Fees

Please find below our session fees for private fee-paying clients effective August 16th 2021, where after 3 yrs we increased session fees by $10 a session. Despite these changes, we remain competitive in the industry for our service quality and keeping our prices below the consultation fee of $260 (50 minutes) recommended by the Australian Psychology Society.

Higher rates apply for invoices paid for by 3rd parties such as NDIS, Work Cover etc and your referral documentation is required for us to bill the third party direct.

All clients are eligible to pay the lower private session fee rate provided they pay for the session on the day of the consultation and do not require us to invoice the 3rd party directly.

Tier One psychologist prices (Heidi, Megan, Keara, Unami and Katherine)

  • Individual session (50 mins): $220
  • Individuals session after 4pm (peak times) (50 mins):  $230
  • Couple or family sessions (50 mins): $240
  • 75-minute sessions:  $310
  • Concession: $180

Rebates for Heidi, Megan, Keara and Katherine are mental health care plan sessions are $88.25 per session. Rebates for Unami are $129.55 per session
Individual session (50 mins): $240 
Individuals session after 4pm (peak times) (50 mins): $250 
Couple or family sessions (50 mins): $270 
75-minute sessions: $340
Concession: $200 
Tier Two psychologist prices (Namrata)

  • Individual session (50 mins): $200
  • Individuals session after 4pm (peak times) (50 mins): $210
  • Couple or family sessions (50 mins):  $230
  • 75-minute sessions:  $295
  • Concession: $160

Late Notice Fee 

We prefer clients to attend their booked appointments in person or via phone/video conference, if there is no way you can make it to an appointment and you are unable to provide us with 48hrs notice then a late notice/cancellation fee will be charged.

For cancellations/reschedules/non-attendance made with 48hrs notice the fee is $75, 24hrs notice the fee is $150. In turn, if we reschedule Your session with less than 48/24hrs notice without a medical reason we will credit you the same fee. (Please note that Medicare, TAC, Work Cover and other third parties do not cover late notice fees).

In addition to our regular monthly contributions to the Smith Family Australian Children’s Charity, a percentage of late notice fees will be donated.

Late notice fees are in place to help clients commit to attendance and provide notice so that other clients who need an appointment can attend in their place. Late notice fees will be waived in instances where evidence such as a medical certificate is provided and/or we have been able to rebook the appointment.

*late notice fees apply to bulk-billed appointments

We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

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