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Perth Psychologists experienced in child issues

Sometimes it is the youngest members of our society who feel the most burdened with emotions and behaviours, and they require help to cope and grow into healthy adults. Children and teenagers require a specific service, and our counsellors and psychologists at A resolution are trained to work with the younger generations to help them resolve whatever problems they’re facing, be they behavioural, anxiety and depression, fears, eating disorders, bullying, and many other experiences that can confront a young person today. We work with children and teenagers from all over Perth and Fremantle, so if you’re concerned for the mental health and welfare of one of your children or loved ones, reach out to A resolution.

Our Perth Psychologists Offer Counselling for Children

The child and teenage psychologists at A resolution have trained in different types of counselling and therapy models, meaning that they can tailor each session to suit their client’s needs and preferences. As dynamic psychologists, our counselling team has experience with cognitive behaviour therapy, person-centred therapy, solution-focused therapy, and more.

We also offer family therapy so that children and teenagers can attend sessions with other members of their family in order to address underlying issues that could be creating disharmony in the home. Families can be complicated, and living in a shared space can bring out clashing personalities. Being able to safely and gently identify each member of the family’s part in the conflict and working collaboratively to find a solution can help to resolve some of the personal issues your child or teenager is experiencing.

Working with Young Children Across Fremantle

Actively nurturing your mental health is vital to leading a balanced life. Our therapists work with children, adolescents and adults across Perth and Fremantle. Book your appointment or contact us with any questions on (08) 6555 7786.

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We are proud sponsors of the Smith Family a children's charity helping disadvantaged Australian children to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves