Relationship Counselling

Marriage and Couple Counselling at all stages of their relationship

Relationship counseling offers numerous benefits for couples, including improved communication, conflict resolution skills, enhanced understanding, trust rebuilding, affair recovery and processing, intimacy improvement, boundary setting, parenting, conflict prevention, goal alignment, life transition support, and overall relationship satisfaction. It provides a structured environment for couples to address issues and develop healthier patterns of interaction, fostering greater intimacy and connection.

Relationship counsellors work to teach partners important skills and techniques which can not only help improve their communication with one another, but they can also take into daily situations, too. The aim is to help them address any inhibiting behaviours whilst resolving conflicts they have with their partner and other relations.

We know that relationships can be both rewarding and challenging at times and aim to help you and your partner resolve any difficulties you are currently facing and prepare you with the foundation to manage the challenges ahead.

This program can help couples who have difficulties in their relationships such as conflict, communication, breaches of trust and intimacy issues.

How can relationship counselling can benefit you and your partner?

Our psychologist will assist you in building your interpersonal skills, make decisions about commitment, revitalise love and set goals for development. Our services have helped many couples find their path once more. Finding the right couple program in Perth can go a long way to improving not only your experience with your partner, but your familial, professional and social connections, too.

What are some FAQS surrounding couples & marriage counselling in Perth?

  1. How long does each program typically last?

The average program lasts around 6 -20 sessions, but this is dependent on the couple and the progress they make.

  1. Is this service only for married couples?

Of course not! We welcome all partnerships who feel they need to resolve any concerns.

  1. Will the counsellor take sides during sessions?

It is the psychologists’ role to not take any sides during sessions. Instead, they aim to provide a neutral service and educational role  as only this can help create a positive pathway to issue resolution.

If there are problems indicative of a serious imminent risk of harm to any one individual the psychologist may recommend individual counselling.

  1. Can it save a failing partnership?

This service wouldn’t exist without many success stories. However, it is entirely dependent on the couple and their willingness to work together if there is going to be a successful outcome.

  1. How confidential is this service?

These sessions operate under strict confidentiality with your counsellor required to maintain confidentiality.

Want to receive Partnership & Marriage Counselling for Couples in Perth?

With our convenient near Freeway location, we service clients across Perth and Fremantle. We are located on Canning Hwy Applecross, just a few minutes from the Kwinana Freeway! We also provide a range of other services, including anger management, as well as managing and overcoming anxiety and depression.

So, if you would like to consult our professionals regarding our service, please feel free to call us on 08 6555 7786 and we will be happy to book you and your partner in for an initial consultation.

Your Psychologists

Dr Keren Geddes
Senior Clinical Psychologist

Keren is a Senior Psychologist at Aresolution. Keren brings over 20 years experience providing expertise to marriages, adolescents, infants, children couples and families in private practice and government settings. Dr Keren has experience in helping couples with conflict and communication issues, trust and intimacy issues. Dr Keren has completed Gottman Method therapy training for couples.

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Heidi Smith
Principal Psychologist

Heidi is experienced in working with couples who have difficulties in their relationships such as conflict, communication, breaches of trust and intimacy issues. Heidi is an experienced Psychologist who uses Interpersonal Therapy, Cognitive-behavioural therapy, Gottman’s couple therapy and Emotional Focused therapy in her approach to help clients manage issues.

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Laima Kuliukas
Senior Psychologist

Telehealth only! Laima is an experienced Psychologist who uses Interpersonal Therapy, Cognitive-behavioural therapy, Gottman’s couple therapy and Emotional Focused therapy in her approach to helping clients manage issues.

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Medicare and private health fund rebates may be applicable to our services. Medicare rebates require a doctor’s referral and psychologist approval. Health fund rebates vary depending on your provider.

What Can Our Counsellors Help You With?

A resolution relationship counsellors can help you with

  • communication problems
  • anger management
  • relationship uncertainty
  • controlling behaviour
  • recovering from an affair
  • lack of love and intimacy
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • jealousy
  • sexual problems
  • problems with parenting children and stepchildren

Why choose us?

Our psychologists understand the research behind what makes a successful relationship work and how to help couples improve their relationship. Your psychologist will help discover and build research-based skills that will strengthen your bond with your partner.

Sessions are available on weekdays, evenings and weekends

One of our points of difference is that we can offer marathon therapy sessions, several extended sessions grouped together to help you reach resolution sooner!

Where are you located?

A resolution Applecross has been proudly helping the people of Perth for over 10 years. Set in the heart of Applecross Community Village (Private entry on the first floor via stairs) and Reynolds Road Medical Centre (Wheelchair accessible). We are conveniently located just off the Kwinana Fwy. Nearby suburbs include South Perth, Como, Booragoon, Victoria Park, Mount Pleasant, Rossmoyne, Fremantle, Willeton and more.

Aresolution Community Partners

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Our private and warmly appointed rooms provide the perfect space for you to begin your journey of self-development. We are located near Applecross Village with a private rear entry, upstairs at the back of the building. You can also book Online Therapy sessions.

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