Shamira Edwards

Shamira Edwards

Clinical Hypnotherapist I Couple Therapist I Psychology Intern

  • Africaans language psychologist (intern)
  • Portugese lanuage psychologist (intern)
Shamira worked as a registered psychologist in South Africa for over a decade, from 2000 to 2010, before relocating to Australia. In Australia, she shifted her focus to workplace psychological interventions, leadership coaching, hypnotherapy, and life coaching, albeit without maintaining her psychology registration. Currently, Shamira is registered as a provisional psychologist and is actively engaged in a transitional program designed for psychologists with overseas qualifications, coupled with a recency of practice program. This program mandates her participation in a 12-month supervision period as part of her professional development journey.

As a dedicated intern psychologist, Shamira brings considerable knowledge in providing therapy for various mental health disorders. With a focus on evidence-based practices, she offers comprehensive assessments and tailored therapy plans to individuals struggling with a range of psychological challenges. She takes an integrated approach, drawing on a range of therapeutic disciplines to support her client’s specific needs. Having lived and worked in several different cities, she brings a cross-cultural awareness and understanding of diversity and uses her interpersonal skills to connect with her clients, build trusted relationships and is passionate about making a positive difference. 

Leadership coaching

In addition to her clinical work, Shamira is a seasoned leadership coach in the field, providing guidance and support to managers and leaders navigating complex emotional issues in their professional and personal space. Her leadership coaching extends beyond traditional models, integrating insights from organisational and clinical  psychology to foster personal growth and resilience. She uses business psychology to optimise individual and team motivation and performance with regards to productivity, collaboration, emotional intelligence, safety and wellbeing. 

ADHD assessment and therapy

Shamira has an interest in the Assessment and treatment of ADHD.

Couple therapy and relationship counselling

Shamira offers Marriage or couples counselling offers a therapeutic pathway for partners to address the specific challenges impacting their relationship. Suitable issues include intimacy, parenting, conflict, breaches of trust. 

Shamira adopts a research-based approach developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, renowned experts in relationship psychology. In sessions, the therapist utilises assessments and interventions grounded in extensive empirical research to foster understanding and connection between partners. Through structured exercises and discussions, couples explore their relationship dynamics, identify areas of strength and growth, and develop practical strategies to enhance their bond. The therapist facilitates open communication, teaches effective conflict resolution techniques, and promotes emotional attunement to strengthen the couple’s friendship, intimacy, and shared goals. 


RTT represents a novel therapeutic fusion, blending the effective principles of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to yield impactful outcomes. Developed by renowned hypnotherapist Marisa Peer over three decades of clinical practice, RTT has garnered international acclaim. Shamira received training directly from Marisa in her distinctive RTT methodology and holds accreditation as a Clinical Hypnotherapist

The RTT process is a process designed to alleviate negative emotions, cognitions and memories and their influence on our behaviour and lives. 

In this process the subconscious mind is accessed and one develops insight into the limiting beliefs and their impact on our lives allowing one to reframe perceptions and be resolved and heal the causes of mental or physical afflictions. Shamira uses RTT primarily as an adjunct modality to augment the therapeutic journey. At times hypnotherapy needs to be supplemented with cognitive techniques to help overcome entrenched behaviour patterns and or develop new skills and therapy can assist in developing the perseverance and discipline to establish this. 

With a deep understanding of human behaviour and a compassionate approach, Shamira is committed to empowering individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve lasting mental wellness. Her passion for psychology drives her to continuously expand her knowledge and skills to better serve her clients and the community.

Key training highlights:
  • Masters of Industrial Psychology
  • Gottman Method Therapy 
  • Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) – Marissa Peer

Shamira is passionate about helping people with these concerns!

Low self esteemRelationship Counselling
Chronic painFamily conflict
Public speakingPersonal mastery
Achieving goalsWellbeing
Imposter SyndromeMarriage Counselling
Life stage transitions


Breaches of trust

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychology Intern Shamira Edwards 

  • Couple therapy: $210/hr
  • Couple therapy: $285 per 75-minute session
  • Individual therapy/Hypnotherapy (peak and offpeak): $180/$190/50-minute session*
  • Hypnotherapy: $280/75-minute session*
  • Concession (offpeak only): $140/ 50 minute session (indivdiuals only)
  • *medicare rebates do not apply for Assessments or Psychology Intern fees. Private health fund rebates may apply for clinical hypnotherapy.