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Professional Counselling with a Psychologist near South Perth

There are periods in life where you hit a roadblock. Sometimes you are able to navigate past those hurdles by yourself, yet there are also times when you cannot seem to move on with your life. This is where you might seek a professional psychologist to assist you with your situation.

Professional psychology exists to assess, diagnose and treat a range of mental health problems including:

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Anger issues
  • Anxiety
  • Body dysmorphic disorder
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Self-confidence issues
  • Trauma

And more. There can be many benefits of seeking this service that pertain to gaining a greater understanding of yourself in a safe and fully confidential space. You may come out with a new perspective about yourself which can potentially help you resolve any current problems you are experiencing now and in the future. What’s more, it can potentially help you develop more positive thought patterns that could help safeguard you against similar experiences.

In your first session you will consult with one of our psychologists regarding your situation. You may receive a questionnaire that asks about your worries and how you hope to resolve what is troubling you at this time. You will then both discuss a treatment plan that is most suitable for your needs. You can then go on to develop a plan over a program that is strictly confidential and aims to resolve the hurdles you are currently experiencing.

Why choose Aresolution?

At Aresolution, we want to help local residents come to a better resolution. We offer a skilled team of professional psychologists who have been assisting the local community with separation disputes, workplace mediation and family services. There are many instances when having a third party come in provide a different perspective and propose brand new solutions that can be insightful and helpful for everyone involved.

Resolve issues by embarking on the right process together with our team of psychologists at Aresolution.

Our psychologist work towards Aresolution with South Perth residents

Our professional psychologist team has helped local residents through different challenges life has thrown at them. Some of our specialised dispute cases involve:

  • Workplace bullying
  • Relationships
  • PTSD and trauma related issues
  • Child services
  • And more.

Who can benefit from counselling with psychologists?

Anyone can benefit from a counselling session with one of our professional psychologists. If you are located in South Perth, our centre is located just a stone’s throw away, near Applecross Village.

No matter what age South Perth residents are at, or at what stage in life, there is no reason they cannot seek the help of A Resolution’s team. We have helped children, teenagers, adults and the elderly with issues that happen, sometimes suddenly, in their lives. At any time you feel you may be struggling to cope with your daily live, our psychologists can help you begin the process of regaining that control again.

You deserve to live the life you want, the way you want to. If you are a resident in South Perth, help is just right next to you. Get in touch with our team today at 08 6555 7786.

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We are proud to have helped come up with feasible resolutions for our clients, including many who are located in South Perth. Due to our proximity to the South Perth area, our psychologists were able to help these residents find their way back into the lives they want to lead through successful counselling.

If you are located in South Perth, but still unsure as to whether counselling with psychologist is right for you, send your enquiries directly to A Resolution. We have a contact form you can use to write in to us, or alternatively, you can call our direct line at 08 6117 8019.

Get in touch for counselling sessions with our psychologists now.

Where are you located?

A resolution Applecross has been proudly helping the people of Perth for over 10 years. Set in the heart of Applecross Community Village (Private entry on the first floor via stairs) and Reynolds Road Medical Centre (Wheelchair accessible). We are conveniently located just off the Kwinana Fwy. Nearby suburbs include South Perth, Como, Booragoon, Victoria Park, Mount Pleasant, Rossmoyne, Fremantle, Willeton and more.

Our couch, Your private space

Our private and warmly appointed rooms in Applecross provide the perfect space for you to begin your journey of self-development and start taking control of leading a more fulfilling life. We are located near Applecross Village with a private rear entry, upstairs at the back of the building.

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