Tasha Ouschan

Psychologist | Assessments | Supervision



Tasha is a registered psychologist who has been working with people from all across the lifespan, from children as young as four, through to teenagers and adults.

Tasha is skilled in supporting individuals and groups with a wide range

of concerns. She believes in the importance of connection and collaboration when working with clients to address mental health and social and emotional wellbeing challenges.

Tasha has worked across the Pilbara region for six years both with headspace as a Clinical Lead and with the Department of Education as a psychologist in primary, secondary and behaviour support school settings, among other roles in the Perth region providing therapeutic intervention to adults.

Tasha engages with clients with curiosity and empathy to explore the most suitable and relevant assessments and therapeutic intervention to support the unique clients presenting needs.

Tasha will be conducting therapy and educational assessments with clients as well as providing clinical supervision for provisional psychologists completing their internship.


Tasha believes in setting up a therapeutic space with clients to foster relationships and develop deeper understandings of your presenting concerns to inform intervention approaches. Tasha utilises evidence based therapies including, Emotion Focussed Therapy (EFT), Interpersonal Therapy, Schema Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to support clients.

Tasha works with a range of presenting mental health and social emotional concerns, including trauma (isolated events and ongoing complex experiences), relationship and communication challenges, personality disorders, low-self esteem, stress related issues, grief and loss, neurodiversity management, anxiety related disorders and mood disorders. She also works with parents to support their children and teenagers through empathic understanding and implementation of support plans targeted towards the parenting challenges and young people behaviour.

Key Therapeutic Training Highlights

  • Emotion Focussed Therapy
  • Schema Therapy
  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy for Trauma
  • Trauma informed leadership
  • Tuning into Teens and Triple P Parenting programs
  • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Schools

Educational Assessments

Tasha believes in the benefit of educational assessment for both diagnostic and support planning purposes. In her professional capacity as a psychologist, Tasha places significant value on utilising both standardised and informal assessment tools. These tools are instrumental in the exploration of potential diagnoses such as Specific Learning Disorders and Intellectual Disabilities.

Tasha works closely with the clients and their families to collect relevant information that will inform assessment tools and outcomes. She acknowledges that with the commitment to engage in educational assessments, the outcome may elicit personal responses from clients, to be both enlightening and confronting. Tasha acknowledges the enduring relevance of these assessments even when diagnostic criteria are not met. In such cases, these evaluation methods remain indispensable for offering insights into the most effective ways to support individuals in areas like education, work, and daily living, benefiting not only the clients but also their families and service providers.

Tasha enjoys working with clients to engage in assessments that help them understand how their learning profile can lead them to implementing specific strategies to help with their day-to-day activities.

Key Assessment Tools utilised:

  • Intelligence assessment tools
  • Phonological Awareness assessment tools
  • Academic assessment tools
  • Behaviour assessment tools
  • Semi-Structured interviews


Tasha has provided supervision to university students and mental health professionals across different disciplines for over 6 years. Tasha recently completed Accredited Supervisor Training. She is now recognized as an AHPRA-accredited supervisor for Provisional Psychologists completing the internship under the 4+2 (retired) and 5+1 pathway, underscoring her commitment to advancing and supporting the professional development of those under her supervision.

Tasha finds the task of supervision to be energising and wholesome, joining her supervisees on their learning journey to achieve their personal and professional goals. Tasha provides support to supervisees to shift them to being early career clinicians to conscious practitioners who practise with intention and a desire for continual growth. Tasha is able to provide supervision to provisional psychologists completing their internship in different areas of psychological practice, including counselling, educational assessments and behaviour support planning.