Couple Therapy Affair Recovery Retreat

Couple Therapy Affair Recovery Retreat

If you are feeling gridlocked in the process of moving forward or you don’t want to further damage your relationship with poor recovery techniques then an intensive couple therapy retreat might be the right thing for you.

Our retreat can help you and your partner if the hurt spouse is having difficulty believing the unfaithful spouse or if you have never been able to properly address it to heal.

Heidi Smith is an experienced Relationship Psychologist who has been featured on 6PR, Curtin FM Radio and the West Australian Newspapers for her work as a Relationship Psychologist in helping couples recovering from affair.

Heidi has helped hundreds of couples improve their relationships, manage mental health concerns and recover from affairs for over 8 years.

Heidi will lead you and your partner on a private intensive therapy weekend. The retreat is structured through 3 x 4 hour blocks over the course of three days. It offers an incredibly satisfying and empowering experience. It gives you the necessary time to address deeper-lying issues and solutions.

The retreat can be held in Margaret River Western Australia, Lombok Bali, Ubud, Noosa and Gili Island Trawanga. The fee for the weekend is $4900 and includes accommodation to the value of $200 per night, therapist flights (to the value of $600) and 14 hours of therapy.

Payment plans are available for an initial installment of $2000 plus 4 monthly payments of $750 or $2000 and 6 monthly payments of $500.

How can the couple therapy retreat help?

During this intensive 3 day retreat you and your partner will experience many benefits.

Hurt Spouses will benefit by learning.

  • How to talk about the affair
  • An understanding of what went wrong and why
  • How to cope with the flashbacks and intrusive thoughts
  • How to talk to your partner and develop a healthy relationship
  • An rebuild trust and security
  • How to move on with a new sense of peach and hope

Unfaithful spouses will benefit by learning:

  • How to answer questions about the affair
  • An increased connection with your spouse
  • Way to help your spouse with flashbacks and intrusive thoughts
  • How to set new boundaries that help restore trust
  • How to prevent the affair from happening again

Availability Schedule:

Locations: Margaret River Western Australia, Lombok Bali, Ubud, Noosa, Byron Bay, and Gili Island Trawanga. 3 nights accommodation to the value of $200/night included and therapist flights to value of $600. 

To make a booking, email your preferred location from the list above and also your preferred dates. If your date is not listed please email anyway and something may be negotiated.

For a consultation with Heidi please call on 08 6555 7786

To Make an Appointment Phone Today 08 6555 7786

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